Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Road rage ... murder one?

Murder one ... a felony you can get charged with if you intentionally and after pre-meditation kill another person. A man who is said to have killed two people in a road rage incident is getting two of those charges.
I'm not saying this guy shouldn't be punished harshly, but these charges don't add up if you ask me. Is the article accurate in its reporting of road rage?

Oh, don't bother with the "legal guns lead to road rage killings" bit ... the perp had been brought up on drug charges and had been convicted of car theft before, the car he was driving turned out to be stolen too, so even if he wouldn't have been a prohibited person due to drug use/felony conviction, he was in posession of a firearm during the comission of a crime and I somehow doubt the likes of him will be sailing easy when applying for a Baltimore Maryland CCW card.

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