Thursday, January 31, 2008

I can has cheesburger?

For the survivalists amongst my audience:
Canned cheesburgers!

Images of the actual burgers can* be found on this website.

the HIFH honorary thread.

Recently published on totse dot com, a thread containing the great feats of a great Canadian.
Hell Is For Heroes was a renowed member of totses "weapons and combat" forum, a Canadian soldier who -after recieving word that his wife has divorced him- signed up for overseas deployment.

The thread recounts such great posts like:
"Offensive range stereotypes"
"A gun control dictionairy"
His exploits with a swat midget and a turbodyke
And many other classics.

If you feel like a laugh, please read through the thread, and give totse a look too, they've got forums on everything!

Since the restraining order didn't work out ...

Janie decided to get a gun

Oh wait, that isn't right, she didn't get a restraining order against the person who ... she tried to shoot!?
Two woman who have children sired by the same man -the article makes no mention of anybody being marries- get into an altracation, and one tries to kill the other.

It would appear that the gunwoman had had her request for a restraining order denied earlier that day.

Somehting smells awefully fishy here.
At any rare, I do not endorse or even tolerate engaging in a gunfight in the vicinity of a school, with a lot of people nearby, including at least one kid.

Police impersonator assaults, rapes pregnant woman.

Story by Miamis Local 10.

It's important that if somebody claims to be a police officer, you verify that that is really so, especially if said person isn't wearing a uniform, wears gold rings and carries plastic handcuffs.

Todays sermon: Buy a gun!

Pator Chuck Baldwin recently released a text where he calls out for gun rights and the defensive use of firearms, this in suit of Assam stopping a spree killer at a church in Colorado.

An interesting read, to say the least.

Schoolboy caught with ... what?

"Schoolboy accused of having gun, machete at school" ... wow!

The gun was a blackpowder rifle, so I suspect there may be re-enecting at play. Then again, muskets ARE assault weapons right?
If anybody finds out what this is all about, drop me a line please.

If he really had bad intentions, the story would be much more like this one.

No survivors, set the world on fire ...

Poor Megadeth plug, the mother I'll be talking about set her kids on fire, not the world, and fortunately there were survivors.
That's right, before attempting to commit suicide (and failing miserably), the mother doused her five children with an accelerant and set them on fire.

This is one of those cases that proves a lot of gun rights activists wrong. Yes, a demented person will indeed find another means to wreak havoc if a gun is not available, but the results might be less dire. Let's face it, if she'd had a gun, chances are she would have killed more of her children than just the baby.
Now they're just scarred for life both physically and mentally.

Some people are plain sick.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Great post by Rob Allen

A great post on reasoned discourse over at sharp as a marble.

New one-but-favourite beer

So I was at the local supermart recently. I went to pick up a four pack of cherry beer and ... what? I like cherry beer! This is Belgium, my local supermart has got an entire aisle of cherry beer, even a shelf or three with raspberry beer!
Anyway, my absolute favourite beer is -no contest- "nen Bangelijke", a microbrew by "het pakhuis" (the warehouse) which is simply astonishing -hence the name-, regardless of the poor reviews written by pansies from overseas who can't handle a beer with an alcohol content close to your garden variety wine.

Well, when venturing into that jungle of masculinity free bottles which is the previously mentioned cherry beer aisle, I thought it would be nice to get a different kind of beer for once, so I picked up a pack of "mort subite eXtreme kriek", the specifics of which are listed on the brewers webpage.
This stuff is so amazing! So go ahead, bring on the "fruit" remarks, joke about pink and carbonated beverages, I don't care.

Radioactive boyscout ordered to jail.

I don't know if any of you remeber the story of the radioactive boyscout.
Mind that this isn't a fictional story, it is a true story of a follish boy who like to play with hazardous chemicals. Regardless of how impressive his persistance was, he was reckless and a danger to the people around him.

Well, fox reports that he's been sentenced to a 90 day jail sentence for stealing smoke detectors.

If anything, this should be a heads up. The Brady campaign likes to rant about the "terror gap", will they soon be talking about the "smoke detector gap"? Will these safety devices be banned along with geiger counters? It's also a warning: people who wouls wish to commit a terrorist attack can always find other means.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The infamous works "bomb"

After the previous gratuitous refrence to a templar meme, I bring you: A pair of real life idiots who constructed what is commonly known as a "works bomb"

In an attempt to get back at a bully, two kids constructed such "destructive device" and tossed it at his house. Being idiots, they failed to construct a device that actually worked. Later a postal worker handled the device, and -perhaps by agitating the mixture contained- was exposed to the corrosive product previously contained within.
The poor man sufferd from chemical burns and had trouble breathing, which is what's to be expected.

"They were very foolish to do this, but felt they had no other choice because they were being bullied by this individual"
-the assistant DA

They manufactured a destructive device, attempted to cause damage of property, left said device unattended and failed to inform the proper authorities after it had failed?
They also involuntairely but still- disrupted the postal service (felony!) and clearly committed reckless endangerment.

If they don't understand the reprecussions of their actions at ages 15 and 16, they will not learn at a later age. Prosecute them as minors if you must, but don't tell me you're gonna go easy on them! Teach them some respect for the law and the safety of others before it's too late.

Policing the Police

A new Jersey cop spent his latst day on the force before retiring writing out tickets. The vehicles he was getting were patrol cars who had expired inspection stickers.
The policeman had brought up the issue of inproperly inspected vehicles before the chief of police, but he failed to act during the several month period since then.

Some cops are good, some cops are not.
But you've gotta love a man with a sence of humor!

All tickets are obviously being charged in traffic court, nihil nove sub sole there.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Police officer killed with her service weapon.

"We targetted the guns used by gangs to kill police officers"
Paraphrased from Carolyn McCarthy

It's common belief amongst gun rights activists that police officers are most likely to be shot to death with their own service weapon.
I don't currently have the proper reports on hand to verify that, but I believe it is plausible, as that is a gun that is present in every shooting of a police officer.

Recently, a law enforcement officer was shot several times with her own weapon after confronting a man believed to be involved in a rape case. The ended up in a scuffold which endured for seven minutes, the suspect got a hold of the gun and shot the officer to death.

This is a very serious event, and my hearth goes out to the people this brave woman leaves behind.

I think it should also be noted that banning guns will in no way keep officers from being shot to death with legal guns, think about that the next time a police chief calls for gun control to keep his finest safe from hunters, target shooters and people concerned for their own safety and the well being of their family.

Molotov everything.

Two firebombs were used in an attack against a texas tax service office today.

The article is a bit odd. They start off by saying the entire mell was nearly destroyed!!!, only to follow up with the remark that the fire was neatly contained in a small area, and that damage was minimal.

Now, I don't mean to spread PSH myself, but we should recognise how much worse this could have been. Setting fore to a crowded building is a serious offence, and puts the lives of dozens at risk. Fortunately the attacker(s) wasn't all too capable of pulling off his plan, but this could have been much worse tyhan the average shooting.

And that's a painfull little fact. Shooters have accumulated dozens of deaths in a spree killing at times, but that's nowhere near the body count of an arson attack against a sports stadium or movie theathre. Unfortunately, there are currently no laws prohibiting/preventing criminals from buying goods like gasoline, soap, weedkiller and other components to powerfull incendiary devices which cannot be combatted by conventional firefighting tactics.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Run to the polls

I just put a poll up on the upper right of your screen.

Please take the time to tell me what you want to read about, either by selecting the options fom the poll (you can pick multiple) or by commenting to this post.

I'll be sure to adjust my posting behavior accordingly.

Gangs are bad

Spare me the "yeah, and water is wet" remarks on this one.

I think it's a very important evolution to go from "guns are the leading cause of death, and must be banned which will result in increased safety across the union" to: "Organised violent criminals are a danger to society"

Last year there were 37 teenage fatalities by teenage attackers, this came from 12 in 2005. This tripling is being blamed on "youths getting sucked into the knife and gun world", a.k.a. gang culture. (yes, a gun shop with a knife stand now qualifies as a gang congregating spot, but I digress)

The article by the telegraph is exhaustive enough to give you a good idea on the failing of this administration, I suggest you read it if you want some debating ammo for stateside discussion.
One interesting claim is that a quarter of all gun crime is committed by minors. Interesting to say at least, with gun crime on the rise one could extrapolate that gang culture has wrought that increase, unstopped by a bunch of teens.

That's right, teenagers are bypassing some of the most draconian and restrictive gun legislation the continent has seen since the second world war!

Nottingham responds with armed patrols

In suit of the shooting of two teenagers, Nottingham streets will (once again) be patrolled by officers armed with firearms.
Brought to you by the same people who proclaim that guns don't keep you safe, and carrying a knife for self defence is perverse.

Meanwhile, another teenager has been killed, another one was beaten to death, AND an older man.
All of this coinciding with the government gussying up the prison system and closing down schools.

Freedom is captivity, ignorance is wisdom, safety is peril

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Something to ponder:

Closing the "felons who steal guns" loophole

One of the surviving victims of the Westroads mall shooting has stepped forward to support gun control measures. He ... well, several people believe that a couple of laws could have prevented the mall shooting which left eight dead.

The law he's supporting includes:

Mandatory reporting of a stolen firearm withing 48hours
Would have done nothing to stop Hawkins, who'd committed suicide before the 48th hour.

Mandatory sale of trigger locks along with guns.
If the owner didn't even store the gun behind a locked door, do you believe he'll put a trigger lock on each of the individual guns?

Mandatory five year sentences for gun crimes.
... would not have put hawkins behind bars any longer. Also: pushing for mandatory sentences means you have no faith in the penal system, it eliminates the human element as well as case-by-case evaluation. Also, 2, they didn't work for drug offences, why would there be any difference here?

These are typical feel-good measures endorsed by politicians who are playing on peoples fear, emotions and ignorance (AK-47 military assault rifle) concerning the issue.

More prison guard corruption.

Here's another article dealing with prison guards wo took thousands of dollars in bribes to smuggle drugs and weapons into prisons. There ar also accusations of guards having sex with inmates, wich is considered rape.

All four of the indicted are out on bond ...

Four gunshot victims in the UK

"I think it's terrible - there's shootings going on all the time, it's so common now.

"It's getting more and more common to see roads cordoned off like this and - instantly - shootings cross your mind."

The words of a man who lived close to where one of the shootings took place.
Yes, one of the ... there have been two seperate incidents yesterday, with a total of four victims in the beautiful gun free UK.
First shooting, second shooting.

Crime is on the rise, gun crime is on the rise, the number of disgrunteled policemen is on the rise.

But "don't worry", they tell us,"We'll take care of everything, you mustn't worry about anything"

Friday, January 25, 2008

less than lethal torture caught on tape.

I wish I could fill my blog with the exploits of police officers who are valliantly fighting crime and saving lives. Unfortunately, that would be a very one-sided part of reality.

There are cops, and other people who work for the justice system who abuse the poer and trust bestowed upon them by the public they are supposed to serve. Very recently, a lawsuit was filed by a Californian who claims he was tortured march 2006 in Orange county jail for 20 minutes, which was caught on tape. The torture would include being restrained, beaten and shocked with a tazer.

According to the LA times, they had to taze him because he was resisting, and by resisting they apparently mean being tied to a chair, and convulsing as a result from being tazed.

I have little good to say about these people ...

Disgusting Brittish deceit.

The independant is sporting a "crime at a 27 year low" headliner. To suit reports that there were 28 gun crimes every day, a 4% increase in gun crime, figures were released suggesting that violent attacks were down, and so was crime as a whole.
The independant does admit that gun crime -the most horrndous and so much worse than all other, according to gun control proponents- is on the increase, as well as drug related crimes, which fuel a large amount of street violence. It's no wonder that prominent figures have said that Londeners don't feel any safer because they aren't.

The exact wording goes:
"Police in England and Wales dealt with 1,240,800 offences in July to September last year, a fall of 9 per cent on the 1,359,100 reported to officers in the same period in 2006."
Emphasis mine.

A large portion of all criminal activity is in fact reported, despit the "stop snitching" mindset. But not long ago, police had to admit to not investigating 39% of all crimes, that was just before that "all time low" period ended. That's right, they're using figures from a period during which they explicitly confessed to dealing with only 61% of the reported crime.
So adjusting that figure: (1240800/(1-0,39) we get 2 034 098 crimes, a 49% increase!

Do not let this cross the pond!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bomb offered for sale ...

Another law enforcement success story.

Staying withing the "sting" scene, undercover police forces were hoping to crack down on copper theft when they initiated operation meltdown in San Jose California. Little did they know of the catch they were about to make.

Sure enough, people started dropping off stolen copper at the "recycling business", but that wasn't all. Dozens of guns were sold as well, and one man ever tried to sell the officers explosive devices which can be activated by a cellphone.

There's a couple of important lessons to be learned here:
Law enforcement officers are often hard-working man and women, who can do a real good job!

There are plenty of guns out on the street, on the criminal market. They weren't even trying to go after guns, so even with it's very harsh gun legislation, Californian ganglands are still riddeled with firearms.

Explosives are available as well. I've been over this in the past: the internet is full of information concerning the manufacture of explosives and explosive devices, some of which is accurate.
Just like banning drug related chemicals has proven to be a daunting task, banning explosive chemicals and their precursors will be nigh-impossible. Doesn't keep them from trying.

One thing that bothered me, one of the officers involved said that every gun taken was lives saved ...
I went over this before as well, one out of 21 000 guns taken of the street doesn't save a life, but hey, it's the thought that matters. This was an avtual buyback that worked!

to be noted: this post will be labeled under "PRK" for geographic reference, and does in no way mean any disrespect to the officers involved in this succesful operation.

Teacher smuggling contraband into a jailhouse.

One of the people working at the Metro-west correctional facility was arrested when she engaged in some highly questionable behavior. She was a teacher assigned to work there.

She was willing to smuggele contraband into the jail on two seperate occasions
in exchange for a payoff. The first load consisted of two iPods, after that she agreed to smuggle cannabis and cocaine in.

I applaud the officers who caught her, and I hope she will be persecuted properly.

I spit on those who believe we can banish an object by prohibiting it. If we can't even keep drugs outside of a very well controlled enviroment (drug use in jail is rampant), how on earth are we going to keep criminals from smuggling guns into the country should they ever be prohibited.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Self defence against a crocodile.

So two men were out collecting eggs at an Australian crocodile farm when they are attacked by one of the reptiles.
The croc grabs one man by the arm and tries to pull him down, the other man grabs a firearm.
The CNN article sais that the croc had let go after the first shot, but also mentions a second shot which struch the victim in the arm.

Fortunately, none of his wounds are life-threathening.

My take, it was a follow up shot immediately after the first (doubletapped), or a negligent discharge. I know my hands might be shaking if I ever saw a working buddy get grabbed by a crocodile!

Quote from the victim:"Thank god he's such a good shot"

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fred Thompson drops out

Alas, Fred Thompson will not be elegible for president of the united states, at least not this time.
Maybe in 2012?
(Story by ABC)

... they stood and watched a child get stabbed to death.

Sear and hammer was recently sporting a poster reminding us of the grim end that fate had planned for Kitty Genovese.
People remained idle, unwilling to take a risk to save another human being. She paid the price for our collective apthia with her life.

This is not something of the past, a teenager was stabbed to death outside of a school yesterday, another kid was wounded in the attack which is believed to be gang related. This happened out on the street in clear daylight, and what does the article read?

"Horrified shoppers looked on as the two youths were attacked yesterday ..."

They looked on ...

*deep breath*

Does the artice read how they made an attempt to phtograph the assailants?
No, they looked on
Did they make an attempt to break it up?
No, they stood by
they let it happen ...

Would the same thing have happened if two or three of those shoppers would have been carrying concealed defensive handguns? Quite sure that those who weren't would be far more willing to grab a cellphone and shoot some footage.

Raise your children!

The Brittish police are finally starting to call for parents to raise their kids!

Guess they can't keep avoiding the issue that children as young as two (2!) are being found involved in criminal activities.

-no this is not a joke, do not mail me to get me to correct a typo, it said two years of age and that is correct-

And we're not talking petty theft either, crimes committed by under-eights included vandalism, burglary and assault.

Raise them now and set them straight! If you don't, they might end up kicking a disabeled man to death for sport.

non-violent video games harmless?

Okay, this is becoming little bit of a side-track to my main blogging, but this does fit into the line of posts concerning video games.

Many people have said that violent video games are a hazard to our children/society, many -including myself- have hailed the qualities of non-violent video games. But here's a little bit of a shocker: the dangers of non violent video games.

Playing a game of simulated tennis on your nintendo Wii, it's fun, nonviolent, and gets you a little excercise, that's great right?
Not so great it would appear.
People have reportedly suffered injuries after playing for extended periods of time, including neck and shoulder trauma. It should be obvious that the games themselves are not to blame. After all, would you start a fitness regimen by sprinting for five hours on a daily basis? That would also be harmful, but doesn't mean that sport is unhealthy.

Video games should be enjoyed in moderation, regardless of their (violent?) content; playing them for ten hours straight, that's just being plain silly!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Do you feel safe?

Brought you by the telegraph, who also published a related article.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Martial artist captures criminal.

Get this: A 53 year old woman chased down a criminal in his twenties, and captured him, allowing police to take him into custody only blocks away from the crime scene. They believe the man in question is responsible for several burglaries in the area.

While I applaud this womans willingness to not let criminals get away with their actions, I hope she realizes how bad it could have ended had the criminal had a knife on him.

If they're running, let them run. that's what I think.

Mass chainsaw attack ...

Apparently some schmuck took a chainsaw and a knife into a homeless shelter and started chopping away, injuring four people.
When he went outside, police used guns to subdue him.


Wow, just ... what was going through that guys head?

Juvenile crime soaring!

The telegraph reports that juvenile crime is up by (over) a third, and that's just counting convictions. Robbery is up 43 percent, knife law violations (carrying) have nore than doubled in the under 18 category!
Dealing with juvenile crime is turning out to be the biggest failure yet in the history of the United Kingdoms legal system.

What I find most disturbing is that over 75% of all arrested juvenile thugs are released immediately before trial. This policy has reulted in additional damage to society, such as the murder of this father of three by a criminal who was out on bail.

I do beleive it's time to reinstate the right of self defence in the UK, and that my friends accross the pond start telling people what will happen if you allow your rights that secure your safety get eroded. It is not going to make the world a better place, it is not a pretty picture, and if anything, it is not for the greater good!

No less than lethal

A rather interesting case in the UK,

A man who was threatening police officers was shot with a stun gun, then inflicted an injury on himself before fleeing the scene into his house, where he was found injured.
He died in the hospital.

An investigation will hopefully clarify the events (yeah right), did he cut himself as he was convulsing, or was the tazer shock innefective at incapacitating him?

Brittish police maintain that shocking people with stun guns have no adverse effects on them, despite the hundreds of fatalities recorded worldwide so far.

Coincidentally, this man who was shot with a real gun that same day, has a real chance of surviving.

Violent videogame saves life?

Following up on the last post:

It would appear that one Paxton Galvanek appied first aid to a car crash victim using techniques he learned from the game "America's Army"
Guess that'll stir up some controversy in the debate!

Another article

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Violent video games and music.

There's a problem with juvenile violence, both in the US and in the UK, as well as many other countries. As long as problems have existed, people have sought to blame someone (else) for such issues. Violent video games have often come under fire.

A myriad of violent media have been banned throughout history, from pen and paper RPG's such as dungeons and dragons, performances by Alice Cooper and Judas priest, as well as other musicians, video games, ... They were/are considered to be in bad taste, harmful to the people who were exposed to them. The FBI even raided a "shadowrun RPG" office once, because they were distributing material describing how to commit fraud ... in a world that existed only on a sheet of paper.

Authorities have often overreacted when it comes to "questionable" entertainment.

The current focus of this way of dealing with juvenile violence lies on violent rap music (extended: the entire genre of hiphop) and violent video games. Probably because that just happens to be what's "happening" with the youth of today. And I, being youthful and liking both violent music and violent games, am going to share my opinion on these media with you.

I've been playing violent games since I was six! The original prince of Persia, wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Duke Nukem, Quake ... I was there when sidescrollers were replaced by three dimensional environments in which to kill your opponent, I saw sprites get replaced by polygons, I witnessed the introduction of scripted AI, I was there!

Mind you: I didn't play just violent games. I loved theme park and simcity (2000), the latter I played recently (thank you dosbox), Used to play transport tycoon as well as many other business games. I found it amusing to build things in games, business empires, theme parks or military bases, I loved the logistics. Maybe that's why I never dug deep into real tine strategy games, always preferred the turn based variants that allowed for much more economy. I loved the civilization series, got alpha centauri lying around somewhere and I've got space empires 5 on my hard disk. Also loved the sims, but got bored after while.

I also loved Deus ex, greatest game ever in my opinion. Violence is strictly optional in that game. You can get through the entire game without pulling a trigger, and only one character has to die. (but this can be accomplished without physical force). Especially early on, you'll be commended for using a minimal force approach.
But this is one of the best examples of games that demand you make certain moral choices. You do get to choose who lives and who dies. Soldiers, civilians, world leaders ... and you have to deal with the consequences.

Some of my favorite games are devoid of violence.

I loved playing Gears of war while it lasted: It had great immersion and amazing action-packed scenes. Yes, it's bloody, and you can't join a multipleyer match without getting chainsawed in half a couple of times, during wich your screen is covered in bloodsplatter. It doesn't bother me, I'm in it for the fun.

Another game I loved was bioshock, homage to system shock, this is a real shooter, you cannot advance far without killing a lot of characters. This doesn't contain so much graphic violence in the main gameplay. Little blood, a couple of scary scenes. The little sisters are a little bit disturbing, but the harvesting process was "tuned down" in terms of "ickyness", so that's not all that bad.

One highly disturbing scene I found is the part where you have to kill Andrew Ryan. This one kill is different than the ones leading up to the event. He's not a braindead splicer (zombie), he's a conscious human being who puts up no fight whatshowever, but you have to kill him -against your will- anyway (this happens in a cutscene, you don't control your character during these events). Still this scene had me on the edge of vomiting, you can watch the entire thing on youtube, just look up "Andrew Ryan".

And that's the big issue: Some of the best games simply are violent.


How do we handle that? Kids want to have fun, if these violent games get good reviews on account of them being really enjoyable, they will want to play them! I liked to play carmageddon when it was still controversial. Not because I liked running over pedestrians, but because it was a fun game.
Games are rated for a very good reason, the esrb provides parents with a relatively objective system that allows them to see the worst of a games content in a glance. If you have children and you don't play games yourself, read their warning labels! If you can't be there to educate your children on how to handle the content of a game, make sure they don't get their hands on games that would require such guidance.

I was taught not to resort to violence by my parents, and that worked! I am far from a violent person. A know-it-all megalomaniac, sure, but not a violent one. My friends have told me on several occasions that they couldn't possibly imagine me angry. I've never picked a fight with anybody, nor do I ever feel like settling disputes in a violent fashion. Clearly, having games as a passtime has not resulted in my being a violent person.

I've been playing violent games for 15 years, and I'm pascifist!

What about music?
I said I like violent music, that's true, but it's not rap. I love Power metal with a passion, as well as many other genres of metal and rock music. This hasn't kept me from loving classical music or soft rock either. My love for Queen predates me discovering Sabaton by about ten years!

Sabaton is a power metal band who like to glorify great battles of the past, the second wold wars D-Day, stalingrad, the first deployment of uclear weapons, the Fall of Berlin, as well as the Vietnam war, the Falkland war ...
Listening to their music on a semi-daily basis hasn't inspired me to joing the military ...

The music gets ever so more "graphic" if you listen to Manowar. Listen to "hail and kill" for a little while.
In the end, Joey sings:

"Rip their flesh
Burn their hearts
Stab them in the eyes
Rape their women as they cry
Kill their servants
Burn their homes
Till there's no blood left to spill
Hail and Kill
Power and dominion are taken by the will
By divine right hail and kill"

But my most profound love for this 20 year old music hasn't cultivated violence in me. As a matter of fact, it calms me down and helps me get my toughts back toghether when I'm irritated. Nor has the song "pleasure slave" from the same album turned me into a sexual deviant.
Despite the screams of conservatives during the "filthy 15" era were screaming, Heavy metal hasn't caused the downfall of civillised society.

Scaremongerers have been wrong in the past.

Now, I'm not a huge fan of violent rap, but frankly, I don't see why it would be so different. True, songs about dealing drugs and theft are much easier t act out in real life than a song that calls to ride a dragon into battle and fight with valor, but a well raised kid can see that neither one is a great goal to spend your life trying to accomplish.

Is there a connection between the prevalence of crime, and music that "talks" about it, or even glorifies it? Rap music has traditionally been about what's going on on the street, so the relation may very well be real, but in the other direction than proclaimed by scaremongerers.
Could music which glorifies crime push a kid into a life of crime?
Probably, but not just any kid. It may seem pretty glamorous, but any kids who's been half-properly raised knows better than that.

The kids who end up in a life of crime, are kids who weren't raised by their parents. Kids who grew up in front of a TV, with no parents, or parent's who set a bad example. Stuck in violent schools and living in high-crime areas, where criminal activity such as dealing drugs offers better prospects than a 9.2.5 occupation, chances of getting caught are considered negligable and jail isn't percieved as scary.

The most influencial people in a persons life, are it's educators. It's parents and teachers. I believe that giving children a loving enviroment to grow up in, and education and a future will go much further than banning or restricting certain violent media. It sure is a lot more work than simply blaming somthing entirely different, but I'll tell you it'll work a great deal better!

Please share your thoughts and oppinions on the matter, how do you feel about children being exposed to potentially harmful material?

Another passive security measure defeated.

Impact glass, laminated glass that is, has been hailed as a great way of keeping house safe from hurricane damage as well as criminals. However now it would seem that criminals have found a way to defeat this passive security measure.

By beating a small hole through the glass pane, they insert a metal wire to open the window, according to Andy Scalese from ADT Security. He calls a homeowners reaction to get a defensive weapon extreme, and instead advices more of his companies passive security measures, such as alarms that go off when a window is being battered, motion sensors and outdoor lighting.

Personally, I'd rather that a burglar be repelled by a motion activated sprinkler system, kept out by a steel cored door, anchored firmly into a section of concrete wall, denied entry by shutter-covered polycarbonate windows and videotaped by a motion activated camera as he enters my property. But all of those measures are horribly expensive! At least compared to a home defence gun. Doesn't require a subscription to a security company, doesn' cease to function when there's a power failure and doesn't have to be pried loose (which should be hard if the security measure are decent) when you move.

You can carry a defensive firearm most everywhere you go, and although it's not a magical tailesman that will ward of people of bad intent, it'll surely beat being empty handed should the need for self defence ever arise.

Early release inmate assaults, blinds elderly woman.

A man who has previously been convicted and sentenced to serve 18 months after being indicted in an assault where somebody was kicked to death was released early from prison. He "helped the assault" but had spent enough time behind bars prior to his conviction to be released shortly afterwards.

So now, back on the streets again (no reference to saxon), he demands that a 60 year old woman give him a cigarette. She refused, and he beats/kicks the living daylights out of her, stomping her face repeadedly. She suffered severe trauma to her face, needed surgery to release pressure from her brain, got multiple metal plates inserted into her head, and lost the full use of her sight: she has been blinded on one side.


Seriously, if you can bring yourself to savaging a poor old lady like this, you do not deserve to walk the streets. Lock him up and keep him fed with water and bread untill he himself is 60.
Used to be a time when scum like this "fell overboard" while getting shipped of to Australia, these days he'll probably ... og srew it, I'll get upset after I hear the final sentencing, which will almost certainly be far too light. The current sentence? "at least" three and a half years. The judge didn't think early release would be likely this time ...

And you still haven't run off to prey to the white porcelain idol, here's some words from the victim:

"I've had kids breaking my nose, making fun, trying to set fire to my house..."

Oh yes, guns and fake swords are obviously the problem ...
Read all about it here.

Friday, January 18, 2008

The children they talk about ...

You know, those poor children touched by gun violence?

Here's Jose McCay, aged 17, probably another honor roll student, who took a handgun into a small bussiness, in an attemt to rob it, and sexually assault a woman working there.

He is accused of of armed sexual battery, two counts of armed robbery and armed kidnapping, and the victim -who I take has had a good look of his face- has identified him as the culprit.

Being 17, McCay cannot legally buy a modern rifle or handgun, not can he legally own either, according to the Brady campaigns "stategunlaws".
Guess he wasn't all too concerned about that "laws" part huh?

Know one thing, if that woman would have defended herself, and the poor kid had died during the commision of those 4 felonies, he would have been added to the list of "child victims of the rampant Florida gun-worshipping rednecks".

Wooden swords to be locked up.

A brittish drama group has seen itself obligated to store behind lock and key: two plastic cutlasses, six wooden swords and a toy gun, in order to fulfill the new regulations imposed on all of Brittains subjects concerning such items.
A "responsible guardian" must also be appointed to watch over these props.

This is all part of the crowns plan to curb street violence.

Do you feel safe already?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Labidou is off the hook.

What do you mean who? Labidou, the real life equivalent of Oleg Volks "Gun control is racist" posters found on his site.

Let me refresh your memory:
(My post concerning the entire event)
He wasn't harming anybody, sitting in his car driving to wherever he was going, when two white men approached his vehicle, one armed with a blunt object. They shouted profanities and racial slurs, threathened with violence and attempted to drag him from his vehicle.
Labidou shot his attackers, one of which died a few days later.

The Florida sun sentinel now reports that no murder charges will be filed against this man. There simply is no factual reason to charge him with such criminal offence.
He acted in slef defence, and is let off the hook.

When confronted with people who are not rational, with whom you cannot reason and who only wich to "snuff you out", it may be necessairy to use deadly force in protection of your life. This right doesn't dissapear if you happen to be black. It might have been better had the man floored the gas pedal and driven off, but his actions were -IMHO- perfectly justified!
(Besides, I hink they'd blocked the path of his truck, he couldn't just take off.)

What if he had taken off?
Somebody who is clearly bent on beating you to dead, or at least seriously damaging your physical integrity and likely permanently messing you up, won't just give up. They'll find another victim, another easy prey who this time round may very well be unarmed and at the mercy of the now ever more infuriated thugs.

They would have gotten to somebody else, but a law-abiding citizen, who has the law on his side, prevented them from doing that.
The surviving thug may be off to prison for 15 years, good riddance. He's going to be very popular once the prison population finds out what he did to end up there.

Props to the Miami-Dade police departement

Three days ago, a convicted felon was posing on youtube with a pair of firearms, taunting the police to come and get him ... which they did!

Oh yeah, I was right! Just a glace at that now deleted video was enough for me to tell a shotgun apart from a rifle, and I haven't seen either in oh ... eight years now! Goes to show how well-informed the Miami Herald is when it comes to the subject they're reporting on.

Banning guns won't cut it, 2

So, another girl got stabbed, not fatally thank god, she'll recover.

"Her boyfriend is in a gang and another gang came to get her. (...) That's what they do - they get the people you love because it hurts more."

Supposedly a feud concerning LSD and gang activity was involved, no arrests have been made.

... Turns out my passports expired, guess I'll get one of those new ones next month ...
Think I could get a green card if I've got a bachelors degree in chemistry? I hear process operators are sought after pretty hard in Dallas.

Brittish CCTV "worthless"?

Apparently, CCTV cameras work pretty well when scaring off premeditated crime, such as car burglaries.
Warding of violent criminals, drunk vandals, and people infuriated because "you done did disrespect them" is not a CCTV forte.

"In terms of town centres, where a lot of the behaviour is violent behaviour, often fuelled by alcohol, people aren't thinking rationally. They get angry, the CCTV is the last thing they are thinking about."
"Even the presence of police officers doesn't deter the disorder on the street, so cameras are unlikely to deter them."

A grim reminder of the fact that even though CCTV systems may help catch criminals after the fact, they do not protect your life, they do not mend broken bones, they do not bring you back from the dead. A gang of teenage criminals was out vandalising a car. When the husband of the cars owner interviened, he was beaten down and kicked untill he went into a coma, he died.

The events were caught on camera, but the poor man still died, his wife and daughter are still heartbroken.

Surveillance isn't worthless in terms of crimefighting, but it does little if anything to keep you safe. Aren't most murders "spur of the moment" events? Isn't that why guns are so bad, because somebody who gets enraged might go and get a gun to kill you?

Cameras don't save lifes, self defence save lifes!
Cameras only make your murderer a celeberty.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"911 hung up on me"

Being a 911 operator, or police dispatcher is not an easy job; you are confronted with the very worst that humanity has to offer. But that doesn't excuse the actions that two particular operators are being accused of.

A five year old kid called 911 after his mother had collapsed, but he was not taken serious, and the operator hung op on him. He called again, but got essentially the same response from the other operator.
His mother died.

Now the two operators stand accused, and face up to a whole year behind bars!

Five a day in the UK

I recently put a bit up on how many children die violently in the USA, now the evening standard has published a piece on how many Youngsters are knifed or shot in the UK.

Five per day!

Congratulations Sebastian!

Sebastian finally got a permit to conceal and carry a weapon on his person!

May you never need it.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

assault-style rifles

From the fine people over at the Miami Herald, tommorows buzzword?

Assault-style rifles ... that's what we're calling AK clones today?
also, those aren't two rifles, that's one rifle and a shotgun.

Oh well, hope the police will arest this convicted felon for being in posession of ... an assault-style rifle? Hope they recover one from his posession, or he just might claim they were airsofts ...

10 year anniversary at PAX

PAX, a nonprofit organisation that promotes gun safety, will be celebrating its tenth anniversary this year.

While pax can still be stamped as a gun control group, they're either far more sensible -or subtle- than almost all other such groups. They recognise that gun violence is a big deal, and they focus on children in particular. An example of their moderation: they hold high the number of eight children deaths per day, and distinguish between true children and teenagers. As opposed to say, the Coalition to stop gun violence, whose figure of 17 includes adults over 19 and criminals killed by police officers.

For good measure, less than 500 children of 14 or under died from gunfire (accidental, homicide and suicide) in '99, and in the age group 0-19, there were only 214 positively accidental deaths (there were 80 deaths of unknown intent) Numbers can be found here, another site which advocates responsible gun related behavior when kids are present.

What does pax like to hammer on? Leaving loaded guns lying around where children can get to them is irresponsible! How could anybody not agree with that? I've written a lenghty piece on safe storage myself. They do go a little overboard on some things, such as demanding that guns are to be stored unloaded, and live rounds should be kept in a seperate location.
They also insist that criminals can be stopped by vigilant, law abiding people. By informing the proper authorities of suspicious behavior, school shootings and alike could be prevented. (speak up campaign) They also support verifying that your children aren't exposed to guns that are not under your control, when spending time with another family. (ask campaign)

What's so striking about their campaigning, is that they are not demonizing guns, or gun owners. They are demonizing irresponsible behavior, rightfully so in my opinion. Their is of course the aftertaste when you go looking for "ask if there's a dangerous dog in the house, corrosive chemicals or car keys lying around", and find those completely absent. I suppose one must focus his/her efforts I suppose. A pitty, seeing that firearms are nowhere near the top causes of children deaths. Scaleable forts and ladders, for example, pose a much larger threat than guns do.

This is a gun control organisation, but they for one are worth giving a fair hearing.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Miami Herald polling about assault weapons

The Miami Herald has published yet another piece concerning the "rampant availability" of "assault weapons". I thought it was rather neutral, and it even started by saying than ony one (1!) of the 69 police officers killed last year was shot by somebody wielding an assault weapon.

We're winning the poll, but still, get out there!

80% of the offenders walk out of court as free citizens

Hello and welcome back on the other side of the pond, the marvelous and peaceful, nigh gun free Europe!

First off: my best wishes to the Irish man who had his hand cut off by a sword in dublin. Hope you regain use of it.

Secondly, More than 80% of all thughs found carrying knifes aren't locked up, at all. With almost 9000 of them being released to pose a hazard to the population last year, politicians are planning to set up a zero-tolerance system for people caught carrying knifes in certain high crime area's. Offenders would be sent to court to get off the hook, rather than having no charges filed against them at all! All of this is happening against a background of prisons ready to burst open due to overpopulation.

Mr. Brown also lashed out at the video game industry.
"I don't want to censor you, but I don't want you to have publish any characters wielding knifes in your games" (not the exact wording)

In other news, after confirming year after year, for three years in a row now, that fake samurai swords in the hands of criminals pose a large threat to the public, Brown is taking action to ban hunting knifes.

That was all for today, now if you excuse me, I'm going to dig up my passport.

This is what a stabbing looks like

The world would be a more peacful place in the absense of guns ...

This is the footage recorded by a witness to the stabbing of A woman called Claire (last name witheld, this took place in the Netherlands). Beware, the images are highly graphic.

The agressor is an angry ex-boyfriend, the victim lived to see im persecuted, this footage was shown at the trial.

I wonder if she wishes somebody would have had a weapon capable of stopping that deranged B*d.

Ready for change?

Brought to you by

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Criminals to recieve microchip implants.

The idea is old, the technology is happening right now.

The idea? Rather than giving convicts bulky ankle bracelets to verify that they abide by their curfew, and do not venture out of the geographic limits imposed on them by the crown, put a small micro-chip into their bodies. This would preform the same tracking function, but would be much less cumbersome, hindering, and doesn't broadcast the fact that you're a criminal to your surroundings.

The idea is currently most vivid in the UK, which suffers from highly overcrowded prisons. This would greatly broaden the perspective of house-arrest, coupled with working penalties. I have mixed feelings about that because I support both rehabilitation, while at the same time shunning the current policies of not locking people up who deserve to be behind bars. I suppose that the courts will use the same caution and sense with this technology as they do with the current options for punishment outside of jail. (no sarcasm intended)

The technology isn't brand new either ...
"The company claims its VeriChips are used in more than 5,000 installations, crossing healthcare, security, government and industrial markets, but they have also been used to verify VIP membership in nightclubs, automatically gaining the carrier entry – and deducting the price of their drinks from a pre-paid account."

It's been established that it works for some matters and is no hazard to ones health, but human rights advocates are now -as they always have- objecting to the idea. They say that if we can't see why this is so bad, we need a common sense bypass. Could we be next? For all you know, there's already a nano-sized implant stuck in you, planted the last time you got a flu shot, or went to a dentist! William Gibson incorporated that little gimmick into one of his books, Mona Lisa overdrive, science fiction.

They could, couldn't they? They could be tracking your every move for all you know, does it bother you to think about that? Of course that's just a science fiction story, a paranoid delusion at worst ... a perfectly plausible, but unlikely shred of imagination.

It's also been established that one could "steal" the information from your chip, just as easy as one can with a credit card. You could also fry it out, or make an exact copy, or fry it out and carry another with you to pass yourself of for somebody you're not. So this technology isn't just not failsafe, it provides ample oppertunity for abuse in the current age of identity theft as well.

I know it's going to happen sooner or later, and it worries me, and it fascinates me ...
The diamond age is coming.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

No less than lethal

Another tazer fatality, in Miami.

Bus beatings, not just in Baltimore

Crime on buses is getting pretty bad on this side of the pond as well. Sebastian reported on the Baltimore situation (twice); Belgium's had it's share of beatings and fatalities, now the UK evening standard has published a piece on the rise of crime on Brittish buses.

This comes at the same time when mayor Ken Livingstone admitted that he is unable to get a grip on juvenile violence in London.

So ... More power to the police in terms of detaining people, CCTV systems all across town, tough gun legislation, knife legislation, fake gun legislation, fake knife legislation, etc. ... and you can't seem to get a hold of people who do not obey legislators. Who'da tunk it?


I won't be posting as much for the next week or so because of my midterms.

First up is Organic chemistry, wish me luck! :)

I'll still try to read the papers and post some small tidbits, the evening standard published some interesting articles today, check them out up ahead.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Londoners aren't any safer

Last year, 27 teenagers were killed in London, the count is already up to 2 (nation) this year! Politicans have sofar been eager to blame guns (to be noted: the imminent ban on guns that don't work)

In a recent debate, politicans blamed a myriad of factors, such as violenceon tv and in video-games, but mainly the lack of respect and morals in the current violent portion of this generation.
They're recognising that there's a gang culture and cult of violence that needs to be adressed, that they need to start focusing on these children before it's too late.

A nice quote in my opinion: "The reason Londoners aren't feeling any safer is that they aren't any safer."
Or as I would say it:
The past policy of demonizing gun owners and self defence advocates, citing people for superfluous "offences" while failing to investigate serious crimes commited against them and improperly persecuting the criminals that you did catch, despite the misapropriation of police resources and a complete failure to tackle the violence culture in the cities which is hurting the youth you have failed to provide with a future has been a complete failure and utter disgrace!

Point to illustrate: David Cameron warns the union that crime is becoming a celebrated occupation. Bullies drive poor children to suicide at school, if they don't then the bus driver will and yet another teenage kid who's fighting for his life after being repeadedly stabbed. One guy who stabbed another man 80 times took the time to pose next to the corpse for a picture! At this rate we'll hit five teenage fatalities before months end!

... and what is behind it (3)

Allie Nadeau, aged 11, was riding horseback when she was struck by a bullet in her butt. Wsmv reports that authorities believe that the bullet, which hasn't been recovered, was fired by a "high powered rifle".

The video clip show what could be a .303 or 30-06, so that high-powered part sounds about right. Maybe a hunter shot and missed? The bullet was left inside the poor girls buttock because removing it would cause more damage, so I don't suppose it got lodged against her pelvis.
But it did penetrate a thin metal sheet that constitutes the wall of the stable she was in. with enough disctance between the shooter and the stable, this seems plausibe.

If anything, this should teach us that you better be sure of your target, and what is behind it!

Brittish police discover pipe-bomb

When searching a house, Bobby bumped into an explosive device:
Bomb found at house after search.

These devices are extremely dangerous, and bombs have been used around schools in both the UK and the USA, And they are readily available to criminals who turned their guns in at your local buyback.

Click the "explosives" label for more articles on the criminal abuse of explosives.

Closing the blackpowder loophole

A new bill proposed in New York would subject muzzle loaded blackpowder guns to the same regulations as modern (cartridge) firearms.
(via guntalk)

No it's not just machine guns, assault weapons, junk-guns, and alike. Some people will not back down untill every single firearm is a felony.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

the 7.62 is evil!

Or so Paul Helmke would have us believe.

Sear and hammer is currently sporting a great articke on this subject, has gotten some great comments as well.

School stabbing

It happened in Japan before, now it's happened in the US again. A youth took a gun to school, along with a canister of propane and injured three children, fortunately none seriously.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Calling 9-11 works:

People often warn others against relying on the police to protect you from criminals.
I agree that relying entirely on one thing to keep you safe is foolish, simply being a calm and safe driver doesn't provide absolute protection from a car accident, nor does simply wearing a seatbelt.

The police aren't perfect, but there are a lot of good cops out there, who have a lot of training and are otherwise properly equipped to handle dangerous criminals. If you ever have the choice, best if you let them handle an issue at hand.

When a pair of criminals, one armmed with a firearm, broke into a house, they were heard by four children living there. The oldest of the kids was only 15, clearly they weren't going to stop a pair of gun packing burglars themselves, but they did the smart thing, they avoided confrontation, called 911 and followed the instructions of the person on the other end of the line. They got out of the house undetected and waited for the police, who resolved the situation without anybody getting hurt.

(Read the entire story here)

So there you have it: calling 911 is no useless feat, if you witness a crime in progress, by all means try to call them, to help somebody else or when you yourself are the victim! But also, by any means: do not rely entirely on the police to protect your life. It may take some time for help to arrive, do whathever it takes to stay safe untill they do.
So if the police aren't there to protect you, make sure that you can protect you life, as well as the wellbeing of your loved ones.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Hostage situation resolved by a law-abiding person with a gun

In this case, the law abding person was a trained police officer, who used a firearm to protect human life.

(Article on Fox)

This specific officer, I applaud his sharp eye, steady aim and above all: the will to put his skills to good use in protecting the victims of a violent criminal.
Unfortunately, cops like him can't be everywhere.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

He's not a violent kid, all he did was beat a toddler to death with a bat

A mother leaves her 17 months old daughter in the care of her twelve year old son and his 10 year old brother.

Said toddler is of course not perfectly quiet, this aggrevates the 12 y/o who decides the proper course of action is to repeadedly beat the child over the head with a baseball bat.
The toddler doesn't survive, and the 12 y/o will be tried for murder one as a juvenile if everything stays the way it is.


Imagine how much worse this could have been if there had been a gun around?
Me neither.

I saw a burning car wreck today

So I went to see "I am legend" today.
Before going into the cinema complex (the kind that occupies an entire city block) I noticed a series of emergency vehicles rushing through the street, a firetruck and I think at least one fire department ambulance.

People were yelling something from a higher balcony, pointing to the far side of the street, I saw smoke rising, but I couldn't see where it came from. I went up a flight and I saw it: a car wreck engulfed in flames ...

It's a strange sight, it's not a horrible sight in itself, but it gave me a sore feeling in my stomach for a moment. Paramedics were at the scene, so I didn't check if I could do anything to help, proably would have just gotten in the way.
the news is on in three minutes, I'll see if they mention anything.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Immortal quote: tazers

(a tazer is) a handheld device that offered officers a safer, less physically taxing alternative to beating suspects with clubs.

By cracked

Interesting video, million -we won't go on the record- mom march

When this guy attended a million march meeting, he was asked to sign a release saying he would not publish the footage, he declined.

Because the meeting was taking place on public property, they could not kick him out.
Because they didn't want evidence of the meeting out, the speakers wouldn't go through with the meeting.

Pre-emptive memory holes?

Another felon with a gun

There's been over a dozen of armored car robberies in Miami, one of those will likely be solved in the near future. One of the criminals, 30 year old Robert James McCullough, was arrested after police recieved a tip on him.

This article quickly skims over two bits of information:
He was a carreer criminal
he used "what is believed to be an AK-47"

What does this teach us? For starters, the penal system needs to be reviewed, this man was obviously not fit for society outside of prison.
According to the Miami Herald, this man was a convicted felon! He was obviously not fully rehabilitated upon release from prison.

It should also be noted that being a convicted felon, this violent career criminal had no way of legally owning, never mind buying any type of modern firearm.

Friday, January 4, 2008

... and what is behind it, Police edition:

Please read the following post over at fighting for liberty, to see that police officers are just as prone to ... well, being incompetent jackasses who put innocent people at risk.

Found thanks to David.

I feel bad about labeling this as an accident. "Accident" means: "they happen" in latin, because they do. The events described don't just happen, they are the consequences of the wild, uncalculated and reckless actions of an incompetent individual who -imho- should be persecuted to the full extent of the law, just like the other jackass in my "and what is behind it post".

I don't think the police should be treated any differntly from citizens, and above all: enforce the laws that we have on the books for crying out loud!

Teenagers playing with explosives, one fatality

WLWT reports:

A couple of kids thought it would be fun to costruct a pipe-bomb. They use a pound of pyrodex as the charge, pyrodex is a brand of modern firearm propellant*, this is available over the counter across the union, policy regarding sales to minor vary.

So they take it out back, and try to blow up a wooden model house, knowing little of the horrors of shrapnel. A piece of debris travelled 110 horizontal feet before striking and killing one of them. Kids just don't realize what kind of horrible hazard shrapnel is, it traveles at enormous speeds and -unlike bullets- the pieces are irregular, warped and razor sharp. Even a small piece can cause severe high velocity larcerations.

If you don't believe me, you can take a look at the following images. Beware: these are EXTREMELY graphic, horrible to look at and will climax to a picture that has sent people scrambeling for a toilet at the end of the page.
The consequences.

That very last picture is what happens when a pipe-bomb goes of in your vicinity, the investigators of the case at hand say that the kids pipe-bomb was poweful enough to destroy a car. I have a hard time believing that a single pound of propellant could do that, but it could certainly tear somebody to shreds as seen on the consequences page.

Now, people try to tell me that there wouldn't be so many, if any mass killings without guns, they say that no other kind of weapon can be so destructive, efficient, brutal. I know they are wrong. They say that preventing the insane and the criminal from getting firearms will render them harmless, and render me safe. I know that is wrong.

People who are full of hate and/or rage WILL find a way to hurt other people. If that means learning how to manufacture an explosive device, than that they will do.

*the article sais that pyrodex is a black powder substitute, it should be noted that blackpowder (no space) is an entirely diferent substance, wich is ironically gray. It's called blackpowder because the inventor, a german monk, was named Schwarz (black in German),

Thursday, January 3, 2008

120 Nuclear smuggling operations busted

The nuclear material involved (including radioactive polonium) is said to be suited for dirty bombs.
In total, over 700 (!) cases of illegal importation were detected! That's what I call a "terror gap"

Why "gun free officers" don't work:

They get stabbed:

Two officers responding to a call concerning an assault, a violent offence, were stabbed and wounded. Of all parties involved, only the criminal ws armed with an effective weapon.

Civillians who carry concealed weapons try to stay clear of any trouble lest they would actually need their weapon, but police officer must sometimes go and look up trouble ... why on earth should they not be given effective means to protect themselves and the general public?

Disarming the population didn't keep them safe, police officers or citizens, why on earth would one think that disarming the police would be a good idea'

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

... and what is behind it

New years, best time of the year to set of some firecrackers and salutes. Every year, there's also people who fire guns in celebration, though this is often advised against. So this year, a man wanted to fire off some rounds, live rounds. He knew it wasn't safe to fire them up in the sky, so instead he chose to shoot some old discarded furniture.

Unfortunately for all parties involved, a child playing hide and seek was crouching behind the couch ...

Shooter has turned himself in, I hope he gets charged with negligend manslaughter.

The full story

Respect the safety rules, every time you handle a firearm, every second you have one on you or near you!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

"Prohibition doesn't work"

Richard Brunstrom, the chief Constable of North Wales has released another controversial statement:
Finding that prohibition doesn't work, he believes that recreational drugs will be decriminalized or even legalized withing ten years. Doing so would keep people safer than they are today.

"The government wants evidence-based policy; the evidence is very clear that prohibition doesn't work, it can't work, an enforcement-led strategy is making things worse, not better."

I agree with him that the current policy concerning drugs does not work, not in the US, not in the UK, not even in the Netherlands which has a highly progressive set of laws wich has been hailed as a shining example by human rights activists and potheads alike.
If anything, the idea that a failing policy should be altered, or abandoned altoghether should be applauded.

Now please, somebody to take the same stance on guns after a year of growing gun crime and homicide?