Wednesday, December 19, 2007

the need for CCW, illustrated

Gun control proponent often argue against self defence as well as against the right to defensive weapons.
"Just give them what they want" they say.
What if what your assailant want, is to beat the living daylights out of you and possibly kill you, because you are born with a skin color they don't like?

I applaud Hygens Labidou, a man "of color" who is the legal holder of a permit that allows him to carry a concealed weapon, for protecting his life. When two men armed with a lethal weapon approached him in his car, yelled racial slurs and tried to pull him out of his vehicle, he felt threatened and responded by opening fire with his defensive handgun.

One attacker died, the other will stand trial for his crimes as well as the death of his fellow thug, under the statute of hate crime.

Remember how badly the Brady campaign opposed Floridas concealed carry law? How they were screaming about the gunshine state when the right to retreat was repealed? I suppose they'd rather have this man, owner of a small bussiness and (judging by the fact that he has a CCW card) a law abiding citizen, to have been lynched? They'd rather seen him "snuffed out"?

I like what I see: Two violent, racist criminals removed from society. Mr Hygens probably wished all of this had never happened, but the production f an event like this is not within our abilities. Taking action to survive it, should be!


The Duck said...

The Brady's will just call this another senseless gun death

Yuri Orlov said...

And if any the dead are 24 or under they'll call them children.