Thursday, December 6, 2007

Another mall shooting

I bet there's already people out there using this for politcal gain ...

Oh well, let's get some facts.

First of all: Nine people died you insensitive b*ds, you know if I'm talking to you!

Passing that: The shooter was another person who, stereotypically, was experiencing a great deal of personal problems, having just broken up with his girlfriend and fired from his job.

Hawkins (I'm bracing myself for Jade's post claiming we're related) had a felony conviction and could not legally buy or even own any firearm, according to Fox news which cites records from Sarpy and Washington counties.

There appears to be confusion about the gun used. Both CNN and fox say it was an AK-47 (Illegal under the NFA), they probably mean one of the many look-alikes.
A Fox article also mentions an SKS, which looks remotely like an AK-47, though it opperates differently. An SKS has an affixed magazine and is clip fed, AK-47's and it's clones have a removable magazines zhich feed rounds into the gun. This is also why SKS's were never stamped as assault rifles.

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The Duck said...

Well there for awhile alot of people converted SKS's to take 30 round mags. There were some Chicom imported that took 30's, all of the Russian SKS's were fixed, but with aftermarket mags, could have been converted