Thursday, December 20, 2007

A mutual victory

The NRA and the Brady camapaign agree: it's a good thing that the NICS improvement act has passed!

Hopefully, this will stop at least some mentally ill people from buying guns, and it will allow people who aren't mentally ill, to *do* be able to buy them. That and the proper authorities have been told to stop dragging their feeth.

As the NRA sais: "The end product is a win for American gun owners."

The VPC seems bent on being pessimistic, as always I suppose.
CHEER UP! It is a happy day when legislation is improved!


Yuri Orlov said...

I'm split on this. As much as I hate gun control laws, this one seems to have drastically improved by Rep. Coburn. On the other hand, I feel that all gun control laws are unconstitutional and think we should be doing everything in our power to repeal Brady, not strengthing it. The NRA has a history of supporting gun control. At a time when gun control is losing more ground, I see this as a step backwards. Plus, anything the Brady Campaign and Carolyn McCarthy supports is a lose/lose proposition for gun owners.

Michael Hawkins said...

That's another valid way of looking at it.

Me, I think this brings instant, normalized federal background checks another step closer.

Then Again, I support the RKBA because of statistical "evidence", not because the constitution sais so. I don't think that there shouldn't be any gun laws, but we've got too many on the books today, we should make sure that at least they're working properly