Saturday, December 1, 2007

15 drugdealers arrested

Half a dozen of police departments/law enforcement groups teamed up to score big: they now have a total of twenty-one suspects, fifteen of which are under arrest.
The drugs? A lot of Cocaine, cocaine base (crack) and felony-amounts of marihuana . They also found one (1) gun.

I'm very glad to see law enforcement score big once in a while, the only way this could have been better would be if they'd toppeled a gang of violent criminals. Only one gun, no assault or murder charges ... heck, not even one who resisted arrest, not even resisting arrest without violence ... did they find themselves the cuddliest string of drugrunners, or did they go in so well prepared that they never had a chance?

Guess this works out the best for Law enforcement. I hope justice is served, and that these men will have a shot at rehabilitation. If you're reading this, I'd like to commend all the officers involved in a nice, clean bust. There's no telling how many lifes you may end up saving, taking that coke of the street. (I'm not exactly a big proponent of the current "war on drugs", but I do recognize the horrible damages that drugs like cocaine can cause.)

It's also nice to see one of "our" mantras illustrated:
Making something illegal doesn't make it go away, you have to actually enforce the laws you pass if you want to affect criminals.
All the gun laws on the books didn't save people from Cho at VTech. Another 20 or so people will be shot today by someone other than themselves, the current legislation won't save them, unless we start to enforce it. And until we do, even more gun laws would just gum up the works.

Cops out there, making busts, that's how you stop crime!
That's how you save lifes.

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