Saturday, December 15, 2007

2007 bloodiest year yet in UK

As far as young victims are concerned that is, with no less than 25 teenage fatalities so far, this year has assumed first place on the macabre pedestal.
Like everybody on my side of the fence predicted: Disarming the general population did not disarm criminals, and people still died.

Unfortunately, the police have not been effective at investigating criminal activity (when they actuallly bother to that is) which has resulted in the population losing faith in them, and feeling scared. 42 percent of all britons fear being victim of gun crime in their disarmed country.

Fearing for their own well-being, witnesses to crimes don't step forward and even more thugs go unpunished. Or as Rev Nims Obunge put it; "more laws were not what was necessary, but rather greater investment in those communities most prone to this type of street violence."

The mother of one of these victims has recently called out to any witnesses to step forward after all.
"Other young boys have died and (have) been murdered and perpetrators are not being punished"

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