Saturday, December 1, 2007

Catch and release in the UK

So, the UK has a violence problem. Maybe not as acute as the US, but it's pretty bad if you keep track of the news over there. Read my selected articles on the UK if you will.

Getting tough on guns got them nowhere, so now they're trying a new approach: letting criminals leave prisons before the end of their sentence. That's right, the country where almost four out of ten crimes aren't even investigated, has prisons so badly overcrowded that have started to release violent criminals, Hundreds of robbers over a thousand burglars and some sex offenders.

When these people are called back to prison for whatever reason, a fifth of them don't even bother showing up again!
There were 2600 early releases in November, that number surpasses only the previous record, of August ...

Freedom is slavery?

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