Sunday, December 2, 2007

Gun buyback drains police from streets, and taxpayer money from treasury

The idea is always the same: you allow criminals and ordinary citizens alike to turn in firearms in exchange for money (gift certificates usually), hoping to take crime guns off the streets.

Fox reports of at least one plinker (recreational shooter) who turned in his target pistol because he didn't want it around the house anymore, that's making the streets lot safer I reckon ...
The best little speech came from a fellow gun-rights advocate. It's long been a joke within the gun community that gun buyback programs are little more than a legal fence for criminals to turn in "hot" guns (stolen or used in crime), and a tax refund program for enterprising gun owners/ home gunsmiths.

One Peter Buxtun, a 70-year-old gun advocate, walked away with $300 dollars after turning in two handguns which he calls worthless.
"You can buy junk guns for $10 and then use the gift cards to buy new guns,"
He also stated that he thought the police officers manning the operation had better spend their time patrolling high crime, gang infested neighborhoods.

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