Friday, December 7, 2007

Bradies ommitting the inconvenient

I knew it wouldn't be long ...

So, after the mall shooting in Nebraska, Helmke was quick to make a list of all the mass shootings recently.

All of them? I missed the one were that cop gunned down six defenseless kids at a party, conveniently left out I suppose?
What about the fact that most shootings listed took place in gun free zones, doesn't that deserve a mention? Well, that's not just the Bradies I guess ...

And what is this humbug?
In their press release they say that the gunman (a convicted felon, but no need to mention that)
was able to kill people because he had ¨high-capacity ammunition clips¨? He never reloaded his rifle! He fired twenty something shots, doesn't call for a reload with most SKS's.

(Update: there are conflicting stories detailing exactly how many rounds he fired, the ultinate number may be over 30)
Reminds me off:

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