Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Wolfpack blog responses

It's becoming a common sight, a well known anti gun blogger needs only make a small remark, and he/she will get swamped with replies from gun rights activists such as myself.

This reminds me quite a lot of the WWII era wolfpack tactics employed by U-boats. As soon as an enemy vessel was discovered, the U-boats would start calling in backup over the radio. As soon as a sufficient number had been raised, they would move in in and -despite their individual weakness- they would overwelm the enemy convoy with their combined strength.

The difference? A lot of pro-2A activists are quite well able to fully debunk a post by Paul Helmke, but it's still nice to know we've got the numbers on out side as well :)

Think I'm going to listen to Sabatons "wolfpack" now ...

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