Wednesday, December 26, 2007

BBC couldn't be clearer:

Gun crime in the UK is going UP!
It even tripled over a ten year period in Northamptonshire!

They also published a comprehensive article on the origins of these weapons.


The Duck said...

But it's an Island, & they banned guns, to make everybody safe!!

Anonymous said...

BBC are full of shit. however the statistics are overwhelming and don't lie.

Michael Hawkins said...

BBC is biased, but not full of shit.
This story in specific also appeared in the daily telegraph for example.

If you want fucked reporting, you should check out the Belgian papers: According to them, we're a utopical nation with the occasional violent crime.
That image stands in stark contrast to what my friend on the emergency ward of the local hospital keeps telling me. Stabbing victims roll in every couple of hours, and that's just one out of three hospitals equipped to take care of those victims.