Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My gun free Belgium?

A police officer was killed yesterday by a group of criminals. They were burglarising an appartement (which houses amongst others a bank employee, but their motives are unknown at this point) They shot a tenant in the stomach three times, and also shot and killed the 21 year old police officer when she came to the scene.

The weapon used is alledged to be a kalashnikov. This is Europe after all, traditional fully automatic AK-47's and later models are unfortunately available to those willing to break the law.

Police union is complaining that she was on patrol by herself because her "police zone" was a very small one, they're also investigating if the victime, who was supposedly shot in the head with (most likely) steel cored 7.62, was wearing her body armor.

A lot of "alledged" because police hasn't confirmed a lot of information at this point, and there's been no report of any firearm being recovered.

Gun free countries - aren't

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