Monday, December 10, 2007

Right to carry: illustrated

The reason why people carry guns has become painfully clear in the past days when a civillian prevented yet another massacre from taking place by neutralizing the gunman.

Only days after the Nebraska mall shooting, another gunman tried to kill a large amount of people in a church which seated 7000 (!) people. The body count? Two people died.
Unlike Hawkins who killed eight in the mall, or Cho who killed over 30 in VTech, this shooter faced resistance and was taken down.

To diminish the public image of the hero who did this, she's being hailed as a "security guard". She may have had official training in the past, but she wasn't wearing a uniform, she was present because she wanted to be there, with her privately owned defensive firearm and a permit to carry; that's a civillian! Not a police officer or a professional security guard. Not a member of the national -state militia- guard, military or reserve, a genuine card carrying gun owner who undoubdably saved more lives through direct actions than Sarah Brady ever will.

Please read the article by CNSnews, the CNN article I found thanks to thirdpower or take a look at David Codrea's post.

And this isn't the first time gun use has saved lives. Forgive me the shameless NRA plug, the violence policy center isn't too rich on good footage.


Badthing1 said...

Hi Michael,

The reason why people carry guns is that they haven't become antiquated yet, but I deeply believe that in time they WILL be and they will be replaced with less than lethal weaponry, as a kinder, gentler form of self-defense.

Oh and wars? they will become obsolete as well. :)

sheepdog56 said...

Guns & Wars will endure as long as humans live on the earth

Michael Hawkins said...

No I believe he's right on that.
I strongly believe in a future with an incorporated government.
Wars will cease to exist when they are no longer profitable.
Violent crime is a different matter.

Badthing1 said...


I refuse to believe that human beings will not evolve into a more highly developed, less wanting to see others dead mentality.

The proof is in the fact that in my own state of California, Commander Charles "Sid" Heal of the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department is doing his best to meet this end: