Sunday, December 2, 2007

Current events in the United Kingdom. (12/02/07)

Here an actual violence problem in the UK: Extremely violent children who appeal to their expulsion from school, and win!

The Telegraph reports: Some children get expelled after repeatedly assaulting, beating and even stabbing other pupils and faculty members. The show no consideration for other people's well-being or authority, and have next to no discipline.

When expelled, they apparently sue the school for the right to continue to terrorize students and teachers alike.
Such is life in the UK: You cannot legally/safely defend yourself, the police won't investigate crimes against you in 39% of the cases, and courts will side with the bully who stabbed your child. Criminals who end up in jail are released prematurely, and continue to commit serious crimes. Reading of multiple murders in a days newspaper is no extraordinary feat
(1)(2)(3) and their hunting laws concerning hunting with dogs has appeared to be unenforceable.

Is it any surprise that those people have little to no faith in their police force?
War is Peace?

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