Saturday, December 8, 2007

Seams to be a troll around ...

Seems? I know not of seems :p

Unfortunately, he ain't no Shakespear. Yuri's also had some encounters.
I'll be keeping comments open untill action is necessairy.

Just so you know: if a comment seems worthless or pointless, it could just be a trolling attempt.


Anonymous said...

"Seams" to be some dumbasses around who like the feel of a nice rifle up the bunghole. Leave your dictionary at home today, fairy boy?

Fatboy Yuri already demonstrated his commitment to "Rational Discourse" by putting on comment moderation. How long before you all close up shop? Not long. Scared little boys with anal fantasies of John Wayne's throbbing NRA cock.

Anonymous said...

you should be THRILLED to have a troll or anyone else commenting on your pathetic blog. Looks like I'm just about the only one here, beside you, and you don't count. OF COURSE no one looking for serious discussion would come to YOU. Only those, like me, looking for a laugh at the expense of the organ grinder's monkey.

So DANCE, monkey, DANCE! Entertain me, I've paid my nickel. Say some ridiculously stupid things about carrying concealed firearms, or how many frail WHITE old ladies save themselves from Negro rapists every minute with a gun, or some other such racist, backwoods fantasy.

Yuri Orlov said...

"Rational Discourse" doesn't include rude, insulting and vulgar language. Any comments, including dissenting opinions, are welcome at my blog, trolls aren't.

Anonymous said...

"Civillized"!?! You can't help yourself, can you, "Gun debate critic"? Dumbass.

Hey, fatboy, eat anything fried today? How's the blood pressure? Looking forward to seeing your blog go under when YOU go six feet under from overeating, you gigantic mound of horseshit.

Michael Hawkins said...

wow ... so many ssues to adress here:

Seams/seems is a pun from Shakespears Hamlet, a jab at your incoherence if you will. Pick up a book recently?

Can't blame yuri for comment moderation, me, I've got a lot of experience dealing with the likes of you, so I won't be ¨closing up shop¨ anytime soon.

I've got roughly 30 regular readers, I need not your trolling, but you make us look more mature by comparison, so by all means: continue to make an ass of yourself!

Racist backwoods fantasies?
All I ever do is comment on news articles and review government studies, in addition to a rare personal piece on a specific subject.

The Duck said...

I relly have to wonder what world they live in, if these comments are "Rational Dicourse" can anyone imagine how unstable they sound when they are being inrational?

DoobieEx said...

Just remember that you judge a man by his enemies. You obviously have at least one or two enemies, and more fans than that I'm sure.

Keep up the good work.