Friday, November 30, 2007

THIS is how you save lifes!

Gates foundation donates over $28 million for Aids medication research.

Even of not entirely altruistic (or not at all), this gesture may in time save a lot more lives
than all of the legal activism of all Gun control and gun rights movements combined.

Now, I'm perfectly willing to admit my selfishness, I support the right to self-defense, i.e. first me, then my family, then the rest of society. The only thing of you I will defend to the death is your right to a just trial and your right to free speech, I've got no intention to fool you into believing I'd be willing to exchange my life for yours.

Just so you know: next time a political lobbyist organization tells you they're doing it to save lifes, petty please point out that a few bucks could pay for lifesaving medication for a third world child, seriously, over 20 000 firearm deaths a year? what about 27 000 children per day!?

It makes me sick when the VPC tries to claim moral superiority over me. At least I'm not being a hypocrite about it, I'm looking after numbero uno, there, I've said it! All they're doing is trying to feel better about themselves.

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