Saturday, November 3, 2007

So I was reading some VPC ...

I was reading their "cease fire" strategy guide to reduce firearms violence.
I've got to admit that both sides of this debate have members in their ranks who hardly qualify as the brightest stars in the sky, but some of the things I read ...
Still, there was some quite inspirational material in there, especially concerning the amount of firearm homicides that were of "felonious nature".

"The first is that crime killings are in fact one of the smallest categories of firearms death. Of the 30,565 (10,895 homicides, 18,169 suicides, 1,501 unintentional injuries) firearms deaths reported in 1988, only seven percent (2,179) stemmed from actual or suspected felony activity.(...) Yet to categorize gun violence solely as a crime issue dismisses more than 90 percent of all gun deaths."

This is most interesting material, I'd say.
So, truly felonious crimes like those school shootings, drive-by's and assassinations only amount to 7% of all shootings?
That's why you're bent on banning standard capacity magazines from civilian ownership? And how exactly is that limit going to do anything about those suicides which account for nearly 60% off all victims? Oh you're going to ban cheap handguns are you? Wonder how Kurt Cobain feels about that ...

They started by blaming woman-oriented marketing by the gun industry on the increase of gun suicides by females, after they stopped poisoning themselves. The VPC casually omitted that this was all after barbiturates had been banned under Nixons war on drugs, so yeah, there's your reason for the increase.
But hey, if it'll help you keep all of those weapons out the hands of a whopping 7% of all triggermen, who cares about the truth right?

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karrde said...

I'll call foul on the "only...2,179 stemmed from actual or suspected felony activity."

Unless, of course, homicide isn't a felony.

The quote claims "10,895 homocides", which is only smaller than the "18,169 suicides".

Also, the quote says something about "1,501 unintentional injuries". that's why they said "one of the smallest categories of firearm death", not "the smallest category of firearm death."