Thursday, November 29, 2007

Another child gunned down by someone close to him.

The daily press has a nice article about a mother of a dead gang member warning children not to get caught up in gangs.

There's a lot to be learnt from that video up there too. She knew what her kid was in to, but she did not (could not) get him out, and she lost him. I hope to god that her other child has a better future cut out for him than his brother and father.
I'm glad to see that the mother is trying to make a difference. I don't support gun rights because I think guns are the answer to violence, they level the playing field at best. No, the answer to violence is education, hoping to turn people into productive and harmless citizens. I guess that woman knows it as well.

I don't pity the son because I never pity the dead, they might be better off than the happiest person here on earth* I only wish he would have lived a different life, for his sake and for that of those close to him. What I do pity is that he got on a train of consequences before being of age where one can realize the full scope of his decisions, which makes educating our youth even more important.

I do look in anger at organizations like the VPC, who will count this death towards children killed by guns and people killed by intimate acquaintances, without even stopping to talk to people about children growing up in a world with little perspective of a future. Where education is looked down upon, and kindness exploited. Where violence is glorified and where crime becomes a way of life.
Call me a bigot for being one of the most arduous supporters of gun rights if you which, but know that I'm not as narrow minded as the supporters of common sense gun control.

*I'm a devote agnost, and in spite of my disdain for organized religion, I profoundly believe in an afterlife.

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