Thursday, November 15, 2007

Jadegold cornered?

At one time I accused Jadegold of being a hypocrite, off to do so again:

In this post, he/she said:
"When it’s pointed out that countries with strict gun control have amazingly low gun homicide numbers (e.g., Japan in 2005 had 19 firearm-related homicides, etc.)–the gunloons go nuts (well, more nuts) and pretend the Japanese are of a different species."

Our obvious response is, obviously, to point out that their are plenty of countries with less guns and more homicides. Should be clear seeing as the US has the most heavily armed civilian population, but is the 24th in line for most homicides per capita. 14th in number of fire-arm related homicides. I pointed out (check two posts back) that there are countries in south America that are far worse off than we are when plotting out gun ownership vs Homicide.

What did Jade reply?:
"Yes, we’re number 13 behind places like Columbia, Brazil, Jamaica and Honduras. Pretty good company. Yup, we want to be measured against a country like Columbia or Jamaica than, say, a Germany or UK. (comment 18)"

So, the Japanese are the same species as we are, and the Brazilians aren't? The Colombians and South Africans are a different breed of human than we are, but we are exactly like the British and Germans?


The Duck said...

The Left-Tards really want to be able to pick & chose their facts, & anything they disagree with they reject.
Just as in trying to compare the US with Japen, to gundeaths, he ignored the fact that our non-gun homicide is over 3 times Japans, & gee what about the pesky fact Japan's overall sucide rate is double that of the US?

Thirdpower said...

Jade's been caught in numerous untruths over the years. It's nothing new. He's also now an official presenter of "reasoned discourse" as we have documented evidence of his deleting comments.