Wednesday, November 7, 2007

School shooter leaves eight dead, Finland

It's all over the news at the moment, Eric Pekka, 18, took a gun to school and opened fire on several people. He ended up killing the headmistress and seven students.
CNN reports that Eric had posted videos of him and his guns on youtube for the world to see.

Just to show you, it's not just an American problem.
Finland has an elaborate gun licensing system which requires a permit for every single firearm, and every single person who uses that firearm must be licensed for it. Sadly, that didn't stop Eric.

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The Duck said...

Laws only tie the hands of the law abiding!
Why you might ask because they are the law abiding!
Those with evil intent, do not feel the law applys to them, or do not care.
Many young shooters know once they shoot the first person, that their life is over, so they might as well go for a high score.