Thursday, November 29, 2007

Where are the terrorist guns?

Today was a good day for counter terrorism.

Roughly a pound of better-than-weapons-grade uranium was seized by Slovakian police, who suspect it was going to end up in terrorist hands (Telegraph, Fox) Even though the uranium would have been "good" enough to manufacture a nuclear bomb (I'm not sure if was enough, mind that there's no such thing as a small nuclear weapon), the long half life of uranium 235 would have also made it prime material for a so called "dirty" bomb.

Another success was the uprooting of a liberty city based terror cell who planned to commit a 9-11 style terrorist attack. The Miami herald reports of how the group of seven was infiltrated by the FBI. That's what I call great work from the feds, which will hopefully mae the US a safer nation.

What I miss in both of these stories; where are all the guns? The Brady campaign has many convinced that the US legislation concerning firearms would be a major pull for terrorists, but where are they? Eastern Europe is riddled with small arms, where are the big busts of terrorists attempting to buy those guns? If a homegrown terror cell was willing to commit to staging a 9-11 imitation, surely there must exist such cells who intend to gun down people in ways only the violence policy center can imagine?

Next time somebody brings up the entire "terror guns" hoax, bring this up, please, bring him/her up.

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