Tuesday, November 27, 2007

ABC on Officers arming up

It's been a little bit of a Fad all across America, where law enforcement is stacking up on guns which most gun control organizations have shunned since their founding, and news agencies have been reporting about it.

Now ABC has published an article about the subject as well.

Here's the reply I've written

"You're right, police officers who die in the line of duty should be commemorated more often, but this article is an insult to those very people!
It's just another piece loaded with gun politics rather than criminal information, without as much as a hint to increase welfare, education, a penal system reform or even a revalidation of the nuclear family. Gun control isn't about saving lives, but there are plenty of time tested, progressive methods on reducing crime that get little to no attention in the mainstream media.

They blame the killings on the lapsed assault weapons ban (AWB)? The AWB did not even ban AK-47's, those were already illegal under the national firearms act!
Even then, all of those so called "assault rifles" only account for a tiny fraction of all weapons used in violent crime. The US department of justice has got two great studies on the subject, "guns used in crime" and "weapon use and violent crime"

If police want to increase their odds in a firefight, I suggest they start by spending more time at the range, what was that last shooting in Miami, they fired 20 shots at a suspect and hit him eight times if I recall correctly (the one who claimed his hairbrush was a gun). Those cops for one don't need bigger and more powerful guns, they need to use their current ones better! The NRA provides free training to law enforcement, should any of Americas finest be reading this."

On another note, anybody have a link that documents the amount of officers killed by their service weapon? Fear that the amount of officers killed by "assault weapons" may shoot up by this evolution!

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