Saturday, November 17, 2007

Neighborhood kids' shooting in my street ....

... with a couple of cheap springer bb-guns of course.

I was walking the dogs when I saw them trying to hit rocks placed on top of a dumpster. After the obligatory "don't shoot those things out in the streets, and use proper stance when you don't!" I went on my way.

Not long after, they (well, two of them) came ringing my doorbell with the casualty, one of the springers. A very nice looking replica of a walter target pistol if I remember correctly ... anyhow, the bolt didn't lock back so they came knocking, it' not the first time I've repaired one of their toys for them, though that won't last if they don't listen to their fathers and stop shooting those dang things out in the streets.

BB guns are a lot like ordinary handguns, everything's different of course, but analogue.
Same way of feeding, just a lot smaller, and there's no need for an extractor. Instead of a firing pin they've got a little piston, instead of a hammer they've got a spring loaded bolt.
This time, the crude trigger mechanism was malfunctioning. The triggers spring had come undone, and te trigger was too tight, so it jammed, and the catch which hold the bolt back was permanently down.

Put everything back in its place and filed some excess plastic of the trigger, removed the weights while I was at it and restored the follower from the magazine to the proper orientation before sending them off, right after a little speech on gun safety.

Great kids, maybe I'll give em a few pairs of safety glasses for christmas.

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