Thursday, November 1, 2007

UK judge calls gun ownership perverse, as the stabbing continues

A while back, I wrote a piece on "Prohibition to prevent accidents", after the accidental shooting of Kamilah Peniston by her older brother.

The sentences are in, and the ruling judge has stated:
"At the heart of this case is the status of handguns in certain parts of our society, in this city and elsewhere, Mr Justice Holland said.
A handgun in circulation gives the holder a spurious self-confidence and a perverted self-respect, the status of the armed man."

This just one day after the stabbing of a 62 year old man by the father of a girl who he had thrown out of his house when they were having a party there without his permission.

So I ask, why is it that this judge is calling gun-culture perverse, but hasn't a bad word to say about the cult of violence? Why is it that guns are such a great evil, when knives are at least equally dangerous, or even more dangerous according to the US department of justice?

There's a problem with violence, violent people cause violent crime.

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