Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Prohibition to prevent accidents?

Why would we ban guns?
According to the department of justice, criminals are less likely to hurt you when they are armed with a firearms (as opposed to a knife or bludgeon, or even unarmed), so that's not a reason.(1)
The fact that DC criminals still have access to firearms rules out banning guns to keep them out of all criminal hands.

Banning guns doesn't eliminate targeted killings either, BUT! (drummroll) Removing legal guns from civilians will prevent their children from shooting each other!

... if only.

"A 17-year-old boy has admitted accidentally shooting his 12-year-old sister dead at their family home with a powerful handgun kept illegally by their mother."

Illegally because this is the UK, I suppose they're calling the .38 snub a powerful handgun to make it seem more dramatic, those handguns are considered underpowered for self defense by many people. Not that it matters if the victim, a twelve year old girl, is hit in the forehead.

"Kasha was playing with the gun when it went off, killing his sister Kamilah, Manchester Crown Court heard. The teenager did not intend any ill will towards his sister, the court was told. He did not intend to fire the powerful handgun and it was simply "a terrible tragedy and terrible accident", Mr Justice Holland said."

See, this is the problem right there; guns are not toys! This accident could have happened as well if handguns had still be legal in the UK, but it probably wouldn't have happened if the youth involved had been taught to respect firearms.
Modern popular culture often glorifies crime and violence, guns are a part of that. This is the UK, some kids carry air guns around as a fashion accessory(2).

Banning handguns won't resolve the issue of accidental shootings, maybe we should give educating our youth on firearms a try.


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