Saturday, October 20, 2007

If not by guns ... (2)

This isn't new to me, and it doesn't surprise me either ...
A teenager constructed an explosive device out of a sharpie, a length of fuse and gunpowder.
So ... some kid with his mind set on destruction manufactures an explosive device to bomb his school.

How could this have happened? Making those devices should be made illegal, think of our children for Christs sakes!
Oh wait, it is already illegal and he did it anyway ...

Now, this doesn't really disturb me. You're gonna have to trust me when I say that that "sharpie bomb" of his wasn't really that dangerous. A large amount of gunpowder? Yeh, a couple of grams at most. Gunpowder isn't even designed to explode, and a sharpie just isn't strong enough to allow gases to build up and rupture the casing. And if they did, the plastic shell wouldn't have made for dangerous shrapnel ... a fire hazard at most ... if that.

But it's the thought that matters: This kid was willing to break the law to harm other people, legislation wouldn't have stopped him, a vigilant citizen did.

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