Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The beautiful gun free California

California? Yup
Beautiful? Check
Gun free ... well they've got about the strictest gun legislation in the country, the Brady campaign gives it an A- Rating, so gun crime must be near non-existent right!? ... right?

If only ...

here's the LA Homicide map, from the LA homicide report, one of the blogs I've "subscribed" to to forever serve as a memento that gun laws do not protect the general public.

Right now, the highly adjustable map reports 679 homicides (starting this years January first, up to and including the 13th of October), 537 of those were perpetrated by people abusing firearms.
So, that A- rating, did they get it for having 79% of their criminal killings carried out with firearms, or for sporting one of the nations top homicide per capita ratings?


The Duck said...

Great information, wow restrictive gun laws, & one city has more homicides than some states with bigger populations

DJK said...

This very issue has me and the wife thinking of Idaho, Colorado, or Wyoming.