Friday, October 5, 2007

The police will protect you! Stake your life on that thin blue line.

Relying on law enforcement to protect you is one way of life. I myself lost all faith in their ability to do so when an angry ex-husband was not apprehended for roughly 25 minutes after he'd bashed in the door of his former abode.
I live around the corner of the local precinct.

Law enforcement operates by tracking down the perpetrator of a crime after it has been committed. I believe that's a very valid way, more so because I'm radically opposed to preemptive crime fighting (racial profiling, confiscation of "risky" possessions, seizure of assets prior to trial, ...). Still, if it takes them that long to travel such a short distance, I will assume they will not be around to protect me in case of an emergency.

Now, if you think that 25minutes is bad, try seven months!

"Mr Woodhams's family claim the Metropolitan Police failed to investigate the first incident properly, during which the 22-year-old father of one was slashed across the neck and face after confronting youths who threw a stone at his car.
No one was ever arrested over the knife attack in January 2006, which was followed by a seven-month campaign of violence and bullying, and Mr Woodhams's family believe he would still be alive if police had investigated the first incident properly."

Excuse me if I insist on owning defensive weapons.

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