Sunday, October 28, 2007

What passes for common sense thee days

One phrase I've been reading a lot lately is "common sense" gun legislation, or any variant thereof. Several high-profile cases of criminals murdering, torturing, mutilating and sexually assaulting their victims have degraded the notion that gun control groups hold the moral high ground, as the general public becomes more and more aware that sometimes, violence is the better option when defending yourself.

So rather than claiming the moral high ground, gun control groups are now claiming the logical upper hand, pushing their ideals as the most sense full thing to do, and you'd be a fool to oppose their benign measures.

But what exactly passes for common sense these days? Banning .50 caliber rifles which are hardly ever even named in crimes? Oh yes, I've read that big scary list of a whole 23 (!) offenses where a .50 as involved, it lists an incident dating back to 1989, and still I could count the occasions when one was actually fired on one hand, and still be able to flip off anybody claiming that these rifles pose a huge treat to the general population.

Is it common sense to try and ban something that is not really being abused? Or are you just trying to open up the door to banning other calibers?

What other humbug passes for common sense? Assault weapons bans, feeding device capacity restrictions, waiting periods, ... one needs only observe those places with serious restriction in place (California, Washington DC, the UK, ...) that these "common sense" laws do not work. It doesn't make sense to continue pushing them.

Common sense laws make none.


The Duck said...

The whole thing has nothing to do with guns!
The entire thing is about control, & if they can't find one way, they will look for another, & they will do it without honor.

lordnitrox said...

The idea that a .50bmg is a "common sense ban" is something that goes in to the idea that it's from the military. People are not trying to ban most of the smaller calibers such a .45,9mm,.22, ect. Even then i have yet to hear a word on rounds mostly used for hunting. Most of the bans i know of are based for weapons made/used for the military. This is the case with the "assault weapons" ban.