Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hey Helmke, are you behind three months on everything?

So, Recently a 14 year old kid took two handguns onto school property and shot four of his peers before committing suicide. Few days before, a law enforcement officer gunned down six youths with an automatic rifle.

What is todays entry on the Brady blog? A regurgitation of a months old shooting. Yes, regurgitation, if it had been an update, they would have at least mentioned that the suspected culprit has been arrested, a man who has been arrested for robbery, assault, firearms violations, receiving stolen property, and providing false identification to police.He has been convicted only of false identification and was placed in a program for first-time offenders after his arrest last November. according to (and copied from, the Philadelphia inquirer)

You go on to recite your "common sense" laws, and how a majority of the US population supports your ideas.
I'll be the first to admit that I myself recycle a lot of arguments, especially my criminal statistics
, but that was the entire point of my blog.
What's the point of the Brady blog? To remind everybody of their poor friends who have been struck by tragedy in september?

Why don't you remind us how all of your -common sense feel good- legislation would have prevented this man, who was already in violation of several gun laws, from paralyzing that poor kid?

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