Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Let's never forget this:

I owe it to My colleague over at armed and safe to point this out in one of his most recent articles:
The Florida sun, maybe after the recent event of a police officer gunning down six defenseless youths in Wisconsin with an automatic rifle, has remove the article calling to reinstate a ban on assault weapons, proclaiming that only Police officers should be allowed to have them, if their name hath called them of "patrol rifles"

The article in question can still be viewed in Googles cached webpages, thank you 45superman for the link.
I've printed myself out a handy .pdf file of the entire page for safekeeping, and as a reminder that I should never lax my critisism for news-sources, the south Florida Sun-Sentinel should not assume that people will not call them on their statements.

This is the information age, not the age of memory holes.

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