Tuesday, October 9, 2007

15 year old armed with a laundry utensil shot and killed by Police officers

"PHILADELPHIA — Police responding to a domestic dispute shot and killed a 15-year-old who went after a police officer with a clothes iron.
Public affairs spokesman Lt. Frank Vanore described the teen as being armed with "an object in his hand that he was using as a weapon" when he went at police officers Monday afternoon outside his home. The item was an iron, according to news reports citing unidentified police sources.It was not clear whether police first tried to subdue Timbers with pepper spray or a stun gun."

Whether or not the shooting was justified or excusable hasn't been decided jet, for all we know the officers involved could be charged under criminal law.
Not that I think they should, a clothes iron is perfectly fit for bashing someones head in according to the department of justice, which reports that an assault with a blunt object is more likely to result in a serious injury than an assault with a firearm.
The youth involved was reported to be a "difficult" child.

If I were to see an enraged person coming at me, I'd defend myself to the best of my abilities as well. I would hopefully not kill the assailant, but I would not hold back until I've effectively stopped him. I prey that he desists after seeing a weapon.

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