Monday, October 22, 2007

The opposition is dwindling

Some of the pro-gun control blogs which I've been following have recently ceased to function.

Under fire, Robyn ringlers blog hasn't been updated since halfway September, and "I love my daughter more than you love your gun" has gone off line entirely.

But that's nowhere near as badly a downhill evolution as Jadegolds blog is going through. Where there used to be at least some decent reads, the last dozen of entries have been riddled with insults and smut, making little to no effort to actually put forward a political point of view. Especially recently, when Jade engaged in a personal vendetta against Sebastian from pro-gun progressive, referring to him as "Sebastian the Lying Censor™".
(It would appear that Sebastian censored out some profanities which were uncalled for, it's only now that I see what the nature of those comments could have been.)

Where has my opposition gone? When will the Brady blog allow the general public to respond to their entries again?
Does this mark victory for our side on the blogger front? Or does this mark the beginning of the end of true online debating?

I for one hope to continue to keep this blog updated with my personal articles, and bits on current events, preferably with resources included.

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