Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Expelled for having ... a butter knife

I'm all for keeping our schools safe, a zero tolerance policy on weapons can help, but there's limits even to zero tolerance.

"Butter Knife Leads To Student's Expulsion
Nicole Johnson, Live 5 News A teenager is expelled from school for bringing what the school calls a weapon on campus, the butter knife she used on her morning toast."

Seriously, what!? A butter knife? Poses more of a threat if used as a club for crying out loud.


The Duck said...

Yes & they have been expelled for drawing stick figures, even pointing fingers & going "bang" will get them thrown out!
The sheep have taken charge of education

lordnitrox said...

This has gone way to far *shakes head* I'm all for no weapons on school grounds (high school and below) but really...a butter knife?
This has gone too far...i hope that girl gets back in school and a public apology that is more then a pre-typed jumble of BS