Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Just give them what they want, they won't hurt you.

"NEW HAVEN, Conn. — The suspects in a deadly home invasion in Cheshire poured gasoline on and around a mother and two daughters, then set their house on fire and fled, according to search warrants released by a judge Tuesday.

Investigators found traces of rope-like material around the ankles of all three victims and tied to the two girls' wrists and bedposts, according to the warrants. They also found three partially melted one-gallon gas containers."

From Fox news

The girls died of smoke inhalation, which proves that they were alive when the intruders set fire to the house. They were left to burn alive!
Give them what they want, then they wont harm you?
Excuse me if I don't.


The Duck said...

Yes gun sales went through the roof after this happened, & the two perps were out on early release.

The Duck said...

We need to see about getting those dreaded & deadly gas cans banned.
& Perhaps put up some signs to prevent such lawlessness.

blackrifle said...

Maybe matches. Those matches do more damage than any gun ever could.