Friday, November 2, 2007

$1 800 target pistol used in robberies to be destroyed

While the VPC and the Brady campaign maintain that their laws targeting specific models of firearms aren't about cosmetic features, a convicted criminal testified that he'd bough his gun because it looked scary.

Said scary gun was a 1940 Colt Woodsman Match Target Bullseye (.22) worth approximately 1800 us dollars, the loot all of the robberies combined doesn't come close to that amount.
Unless the legal owner shows up, it'll be destroyed ...

I think it's such a pity that such an antique would be destroyed, selling it would fatten the local authorities wallet, allowing them to put the assets to good use. And seriously, somebody who'd put down over a grand on an antique, low caliber target pistol, doesn't strike me as likely to go off knocking over grocery stores or robbing people.
Deactivate it and send it to a museum for Christs sakes, would be cheaper than destroying it, because the museum would probably deactivate it themselves and foot the bill for shipping.

Seriously, you'd pay good money to take a good look at one of these right?
I know I would, though I doubt I'd find it scary ...

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Yuri Orlov said...

He thought THAT looked scary? *shakes head* I think destroying valuable antiques in general is a sin, let alone an antique gun.