Monday, November 12, 2007

Jadegold lying about statistics

So, Jadegold published a post claiming that us "gunloons" hate to consider the fact that countries with strict gun legislation supposedly have lower homicide rates than the US.

Supposedly, because I already disproved that months ago in an article called "How many guns does it take to kill a man" Now, I was not born an avid supporter of the second amendment, as a matter of fact, I long supported what I believed to be "common sense" gun laws. But I studied the subject, and found that my ideas were wrong.
Looking for a correlation between civilian gun ownership and the homicide rates was one of the things I did to realize that we cannot blame guns, or as I said back in September:

"The cause of our murder epidemic is not that people own a large amount of firearms, the problem lies with the small minority willing to abuse them."
-cheesy self-quote

Oh well, here's a nice little graph to ponder over, the amount of homicides per 1000 guns.
(Mexico, South Africa and Colombia omitted, their values (0.9 3.8 and 8.6 in that order) were completely off the charts.

Wonder what part two will bring us ...


The Duck said...

Well of course Jade wouldn't know the truth if it hit him in the face.

The Duck said...

So now he is at it again attacking Kleck & making up his own numbers