Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The moment I read "honor roll student" ...

I knew it probably wasn't going to be pretty, I was right.

A woman was stabbed to death in Lexington N.C., her daughter and her boyfriend have been charged with the murder after tests have shown that they tried to clean up the crime scene.
Emphasis on "tried", because it obviously failed, so now their charges will be ever so heavier; they tampered with evidence, obstructed a criminal investigation concerning a felony, and it will be easier for the persecution to determine premeditation.

It should also be noted that a gun is not at all necessary to murder somebody close to you.

I'm starting to pale every time I see the word "good kid" and "honor roll student" in the news. Maybe we should profile them rather than legal gun owners? No, I'm not being serious, just patronizing.

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