Saturday, September 8, 2007

If not by guns ...

Let's see, some time ago, I wrote that if not using guns, people could kill each other with other means.
We've already seen some knife-murders in the news, here's one of a school bombing:

"Device Explodes At School
A suspicious device that was being dismantled exploded Thursday morning at an alternative high school in Leavenworth.Students had been evacuated after the device was found about 10:30 a.m. and no one was injured."

The manufacture and use of explosive ordinance is not beyond the capabilities of Joe Schmoe, and if he wants to cause a great deal of bloodshed, he just might decide that that's the way to go.
Fortunately, this device did not cause any loss of life or injury, but it does go to show that schools will not revert to their utopically safe state should somebody ever succeed in actually banning guns from them.

It's time to take up the fight against violence, antisocial behavior, people who should be committed. And still, people wish to blame inanimate objects for the behavior of a deranged few.


Anonymous said...

This is a bit of a strawman; nobody is arguing that guns magically cause people to commit crimes of violence.

And nobody is suggesting that if all guns were to disappear, murder would as well.

What is being said is that guns greatly facilitate those who are disposed toward acts of violence. And a gun enhances the probability of success. IOW, one can kill someone with a knife. However, it becomes quite a bit more difficult to kill mutltiple people. urther, in order to kill with a knife, one must get very close to an intended victim; this greatly reduces the chance of success and increases the liklihood of being apprehended. A gun allows a perpetrator to kill from a distance and from behind cover.


Michael Hawkins said...

I'm afraid you commented to the article about explosives, not knives.

Were do people get the idea that you can kill more people with a gun than with a knife or a bludgeon?
Back when we had a fireplace, I would chop wood with axe and hatchet for hours on end, would somebody bent on killing a large amount of people (including himself) shy away from getting sweaty?

The only limit is you physical condition, which is significantly stretched under the influence of adrenalin.

Regardless of the means, one can continue to kill until he is either stopped or stops himself, either by choice or necessity.
Necessity could be fatigue, a depleted ammunition supply, a jammed firearm ...