Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Small arms up against a professional army

Well, I've recently posted something in response to one of culturologists' "facts"
The issue: can a civilian population repel a well equipped army with small arms?

This is not a hypothetical question, history is riddled with examples of a civilian population rising up against oppression or occupation.

The Russian invasions of Chechnya and Afghanistan are two great examples of this. Particularly the former, where small groups of poorly trained, poorly equipped soldiers proved highly effective in wiping out Russian tanks.
Few days go by in Iraq without a Hummer being turned into scrap metal by a roadside IED.
Why don't you go and find a Vietnam veteran, and try to tell him that small arms are no match for air superiority, high end weapons and a huge war machine to provide you with vehicles, ships, artillery ... the works.

Civilians can rise up against a professional army, they've done so on many occasions and will continue to do so should the need arise.

Anybody who sais that it can't be done, should pick up a history book.

or a newspaper:
The Israeli army gets hit ever so often by home workshop rockets and mortars. The most recent attack was quite the bloody one.

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