Friday, September 28, 2007

Highlights, AUG/SEP 2007

Okay, Here are the Highlights so far, content that I wrote myself, not discussing current events.

I started out with a list of reading recommendations, because I belief that you cannot form an opinion unless you base it on decent information. I know that people like to sneer at "my side" for being delirious. If you believe that, ask yourself: what's the last time you've seen the other side back itself up with data from the department of justice or the FBI?

I started my blog with a profound reply to the culturologists idea that guns are a problem, Iwent looking for a correlation between gun ownership and our violence problem. In August, I wrote a piece that removing guns from society is not at all desirable, even if it were possible. And I'd already been over that issue, I hope to have established that guns are here to stay.

Condensed; We can't get rid of them, we shouldn't bother, we're better off with them.

When it was about the pass the house, I made some observations about microstamping, I also wrote some peices about the kind of legislation I can support back then. (first) (second).
I also wrote a lengthy and disputed piece on the current DC gun/crime situation.

More recently, I wrote a small piece about safe storage, Pointed out a few differences between both sides of this arguement, took some potshots at the Brady blog, and took some more at their terror scare.

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