Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bradies Vs Terrorism, scarecrows on an empty field.

Terrorism is a felony,
Felons can't buy firearms,
ergo, convicted terrorists cannot legally buy firearms.
Remember that when you read this page by the Brady campaign.

Now, I am a strong proponent of war on terror, both on an economical and a tactical level. Make no mistake, I fondly believe terrorism is something that needs to e dealt with decisively, to protect our freedoms and our way of life.

But calling out to remove those exact freedoms from people because we "suspect" they might be part of a potentially terrorist organization? Defeating the purpose in my opinion.
Suspected terrorist can be tried on conspiracy charges, the patriot act allows for serious options on gathering evidence; if somebody has ties to a Pakistani terror cell or handles large sums of suspicious money, "they" will find out! No terrorist, real or suspected, will be able to walk into Joes gunstore and arm up without his file landing under sevral federal microscopes.

Stop trying to scare people with imaginary terrorists, that's our (Rep.) job!

And about those explosives the Bradies put on their site ... what? What about them, you put such a big scary word on there and then you don't talk about it? Have you got any idea what you need to go through to get a license to manufacture/store/buy/use/transport explosive substances? Yes, those are all separate licenses, all expiring, and you can bet the farm that application records will never be fully discarded.
And let me tell you, legislation doesn't eliminate the illegal manufacture of explosives of any order. I'm a chemist myself with a keen interest in what's referred to as high energy chemistry.

I've seen accurate descriptions on the internet explaining in great detail how to make both low explosive propellant and burst charges, high explosive primaries, boosters, main charges, shaped charges (as found in armor piercing ordinance) and tons of exotic compositions, all available to your average citizen, all available to an aspiring terrorist.
Yes they're accurate, I check these things with certified literature, yes, that information is out there and poses a real source of information for terrorists, even though a lot of their recent attempts have been "half-assed" to use a popular expression

So what? You're hoping that some more legislation will deter these people, who often intend to die themselves in their attack, from building and using explosives? When is the last time a squad of terrorist gunmen have walked down main street gunning down innocent civilians?

Give it up, because reason never will.


Man From Derry said...

This is Zonko from &t. Another fine read, but I wonder why you care so much about US gun laws rather than your native European ones.

Michael Hawkins said...

I am just as concerned about the laws of country of residence, but gun legislation isn't a hot topic right now.

If they ever start talking about it again(should they manage to actually form a government, 110 days without and counting) I'll be writing letters to editors and politicians as well.

Right now, I'm trying to preserve the right of US citizens, those of my family members who live there, as I hope to do after I've finished college.