Saturday, September 29, 2007

Five year old slashes classmate

Boy, 5, attacked pupil with knife at school

Another awful event for the UK, where a five year old child took a knife onto school grounds with him and used it with the apparent intention to kill one of his peers.

"Junaid's mother, Donna, 22, from Eastwood, Rotherham, wants the attacker moved to another school. She said: "It's horrifying that a five-year-old boy should take a knife to school and be prepared to use it against another child."

Miss Judge claimed the other boy had previously made threats against Junaid, including that he was going to stab and kill his five-month-old sister, Lailaa."

What's to say about this? That he would have killed his classmate if he had had a gun? Studies show that an assailant armed with a knife is actually more likely to inflict a serious/lethal injury. No, the point raised by Junaids mother would be a better one;
It IS most horrifying that one person could be so serious about wishing harm done upon another, to take a weapon with him/her and make an attempt at the other persons life.

It's these intentions which turn one into a dangerous person, not the object he chooses as an aid in completing his malicious plans.

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