Wednesday, September 5, 2007

You think people are hurt because of guns? Think again!

Until now, a lot of people have had their ideology revolving around this idea:

It's okay for law abiding citizens to have guns, but we need to keep them out of the hands of criminals.
By denying criminals the right to legally buy guns, and by reducing gun ownership amongst the law abiding (or loophole skipping) we've been trying to reduce the amount of stolen and bought guns available to criminals.

Well, I've been reading a document released by the department of justice:
Weapon use and violent crime.
At page six, we find the following:

Of all violence with a weapon, the crimes committed with blunt objects/other weapons were the most often associated with victim injury (36%). Twenty-eight percent of the crimes with knives/sharp objects and 15% of crimes with firearms involved injury. Offenders armed with knives accounted for 6% of all violence but 24% of all serious injuries — having inflicted serious injury on about 1 in 8 of their victims. About 1 in 15 victims of offenders using a blunt object/other weapon and 1 in 22 victims of offenders with a firearm sustained serious injury.

Edged weapons: 1 out of 8 victims is seriously injured
Bludgeons: 1 out of 15 victims is seriously injured
Guns: 1 out of 22 victims is seriously injured

Furthermore: (skipping to page 7) When a criminal uses a gun, the victim walks away without injury 85% of the time, and when injured, it's most of the time (65%) only a minor injury. This study considers all gunshot wounds to be serious, so those minor injuries are either a black eye from being bludgeoned with a firearm, or hearing damage from a shot that did not hit (intentionally or otherwise)
Even unarmed criminals are more likely to injure you! (23.6% Vs 15.0%) (though less seriously)
Both bludgeons and knifes are more likely to injure the victim, Knifes in 36.0% of the cases, blunt objects 27.7% of the time. Knifes are most likely to inflict a serious injury)

Am I saying we should start to hand out guns to known criminals? Absolutely not!
What I'm saying is this:
If somebody tells you that he or she wants to take firearms away from criminals for your own good, he or she is either uninformed, or pursuing motives other than your well-being.
Fight crime, not guns!

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