Friday, September 7, 2007

Gun homicide up 20% in the UK

"Ch Con Bristow himself acknowledged that the latest annual total for homicides involving firearms stands at 58 - an increase of nearly a fifth on the year before."
And he echoed the feelings of many officers when he admitted that much gun crime goes unreported."

Forgive me my sarcasm when I say: If only somebody had seen it coming.

There were cheers and shouts of approval as delegates watched a video of Jagdish Patel, a brave shopkeeper from Rochdale who saw off an armed robber with a baseball bat. Not an officially-approved response to a potentially lethal situation. But an encouraging example of a member of the public prepared to take a risk to stop gun crime."

See, this is exactly what the gun rights movement is about; survival. Protecting your life and livelihood from thugs when the police isn't around to do it for you. And seeing as how criminals try to avoid committing crime when in a police officers line of sight, this is most often the case.


Know well that it's not all bad, half a decade past blaming guns, new ways of dealing with crime are starting to be introduced. And some types of offences are actually going down.

Take a look at page 56 of this file:
Crime in England and Wales
Vehicle crime is going down, unfortunately the count of "violence against the person offences" has barely been dented.

Maybe it's time to reform the justice department. And while you're at it, please stop blaming guns for the failing of parents and the education system.

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Bruce said...

How nice that someone is questioning the laws of this country. Particularly the rediculous and damaging firearms laws.

Keep up this important work.