Sunday, September 16, 2007

Select readings from the Brady blog

Select readings from this post;

Fox showed a video that has been posted on that is relevant to the issue. I urge everyone, regardless of your point of view on the subject, to watch this short video.

The video clip shows a Federal law enforcement agent, doubtless fully trained in firearm safety, shooting himself in the foot in front of a stunned classroom full of people. (...) If we are concerned about safety in the schools, any guns should be in the hands of trained law enforcement officers.

If you've been reading my blog since it started, you'll find that I agree with keeping guns off school property.
But citizens can be just as responsible and irresponsible with firearms as police officers. Neither have got some kind of jedi-like capability to handle these objects. And just like motor vehicles and power tools, improper use of firearms can lead to serious injury and death.
I don't want my campus (I'm a student) to be guarded by a paramilitary security group, or police officers. The latter would be doing a better job on the crossroads out front, as I'm statistically speaking more likely to die in a traffic accident on my way to school, than by the gunfire of a shooter inside. I'm more likely to slip off a busy stairway and break my neck than I am to fall victim to a spree killer.

But I resent the idea that some police officer, who has to qualify with his service weapon once in a blue moon, is any more responsible than your average Joe Schmoe, Citizens who take self defense seriously will invest a lot of time in learning how to properly handle a firearm, when and how to use it, and when to not use it.

Don't judge those who you know not of.

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