Saturday, September 22, 2007

Nail bomb explodes outside primary school

Up in England, were some people really want to hurt another person, in spite of not having firearms:


"A homemade nail bomb exploded in a teacher's car parked outside a primary school in Liverpool today.
Police described the attack as "despicable" saying the bomb had the potential to cause "considerable damage" and could have killed or seriously injured anyone nearby. The vehicle's windows were blown out and it was in flames.
However, officers said the "improvised" firework-style device, with nails attached, would have killed or seriously injured anyone inside the silver saloon, or in the vicinity, when it went off."

Fortunately, this attempt was most likely directed at property, not person.
As always, I maintain: It's not guns, it's people bent on hurting other people who commit these acts of horror.

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