Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Self defence against a crocodile.

So two men were out collecting eggs at an Australian crocodile farm when they are attacked by one of the reptiles.
The croc grabs one man by the arm and tries to pull him down, the other man grabs a firearm.
The CNN article sais that the croc had let go after the first shot, but also mentions a second shot which struch the victim in the arm.

Fortunately, none of his wounds are life-threathening.

My take, it was a follow up shot immediately after the first (doubletapped), or a negligent discharge. I know my hands might be shaking if I ever saw a working buddy get grabbed by a crocodile!

Quote from the victim:"Thank god he's such a good shot"

2 comments: said...

I saw this article as well. On the one hand it's great dude's buddy was there to drop the hammer on Mrs. Croc. On the other hand it's too bad Mrs. Croc had to die just because she was protecting her eggs.

theotherryan said...

It is hard to double tap when you are not allowed to own a multiple shot firearm.