Saturday, January 5, 2008

Another felon with a gun

There's been over a dozen of armored car robberies in Miami, one of those will likely be solved in the near future. One of the criminals, 30 year old Robert James McCullough, was arrested after police recieved a tip on him.

This article quickly skims over two bits of information:
He was a carreer criminal
he used "what is believed to be an AK-47"

What does this teach us? For starters, the penal system needs to be reviewed, this man was obviously not fit for society outside of prison.
According to the Miami Herald, this man was a convicted felon! He was obviously not fully rehabilitated upon release from prison.

It should also be noted that being a convicted felon, this violent career criminal had no way of legally owning, never mind buying any type of modern firearm.


Kraziquban said...

I find that as I review news for my blog HavanaBananaLand, it is increasingly becoming very gun violence centered. So much that is wrong in Florida has a direct correlation to the rampant, irresponsible access to guns. We need to ban private ownership of guns now...if it's not too late. Although most states seem to have an anti gun group, I cannot find one for Florida to support. Very disappointing. Brady is not strong enough considering every legislator is in bed with the NRA.

Michael Hawkins said...

California is very much like Florida, but with much more restrictive gun legislation, but that hasn't kept it from having a towering high crime rate.